General Mathematics

1909 Submissions

[5] viXra:1909.0330 [pdf] submitted on 2019-09-15 08:15:06

My Contribustion in Claymath Millenium Problems:

Authors: Louiz Akram
Comments: 1 Page.

I present my contribustion in three Claymath Millenium problems.
Category: General Mathematics

[4] viXra:1909.0288 [pdf] submitted on 2019-09-13 12:22:55

The Prime as a Consequence of Skip Number

Authors: Suraj Deshmukh
Comments: 2 Pages.

In this paper I have defined primes on the basis of "skip function" which basically is nothing but tells you how many numbers are skipped between two numbers. And we define a collection of set which I call skip set. The occurrence of a number decides weather it is prime or not.
Category: General Mathematics

[3] viXra:1909.0283 [pdf] submitted on 2019-09-14 00:46:51

Number and Arithmetic Action

Authors: A.I.Somsikov
Comments: 4 Pages. -

Definition is given to concepts of number and arithmetic action.
Category: General Mathematics

[2] viXra:1909.0215 [pdf] submitted on 2019-09-09 08:08:04

Simple Tesla Algorithm, the Art of Multiplying by Adding.

Authors: Zeolla Gabriel Martín
Comments: 25 Pages.

The Simple Tesla algorithm, is the art of multiplying by adding. We can use this method to calculate the product of any number with true accuracy. It has indisputable applications in various areas such as polynomials, complex numbers, binary numbers and many more. Basically multiplying is an act of repeated sums, and true to this concept is how this algorithm is developed.
Category: General Mathematics

[1] viXra:1909.0080 [pdf] replaced on 2019-09-08 16:25:04

Division by Zero Because Next Infinity is Zero

Authors: Toshiro Takami
Comments: 4 Pages.

tan(π)=0, 0 =1, 1 =z =0 2000 When I saw this expression, I was surely suspicious. But I knew intuitively that Next infinity is zero. For me, infinite and zero were equal, that’s true now. The universe did not start with the Big Burn. The universe has existed for an infinite amount of time, and has repeated an infinite number of big burns. In other words, the universe is a repetition of Next infinity is zero.
Category: General Mathematics