viXra Funding is an UK-based non-profit project run by unpaid individuals with an interest in scientific progress. The main server is paid for from personal funds. The server for the mirror site is provided by QuantumDream Inc.

We are not currently asking for donations, thank you

In the year 2015-2016 viXra recieved 1113.33 in donations from 38 contributors and 57.21 from advertising for a total of 1170.54. Thank you for your generosity which enables us to keep this service running to host 3800 new papers during the year. Our costs were 1029.60 for a years lease of our dedicated server, 28.81 for domain name services and 175.80 for form submission servcies making a total annual cost of 1317.94.

As of 2017 the number of new papers hosted per year has increased to 4500. The cost of running vixra has dropped to just 300 per year because of the availablility of cheap standard web hosting services that include sufficient storage space for viXra. We are therefore no longer asking for donations. If however you really want to make a donation you can do so by using a PayPal account to send money to us using our usual e-mail address There is no other means to make a donation if you live outside the UK.

We are committed to keeping all use of viXra free.