Paul B. Slater

[2] viXra:1909.0459 submitted on 2019-09-21 21:20:37, (7 unique-IP downloads)

Jagged Islands of Bound Entanglement and Witness-Parameterized Probabilities

Authors: Paul B. Slater
Category: Quantum Physics

[1] viXra:1705.0358 submitted on 2017-05-24 13:09:34, (21 unique-IP downloads)

Construction of the Lovas-Andai Two-Qubit Function $\tilde{\chi}_2 (\varepsilon )=\frac{1}{3} \varepsilon ^2 \left(4-\varepsilon ^2\right)$ Verifies the $\frac{8}{33}$-Hilbert Schmidt Separability Probability Conjecture

Authors: Paul B. Slater
Category: Mathematical Physics