Quantum Gravity and String Theory

1906 Submissions

[9] viXra:1906.0317 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-17 19:51:32

Division By Zero: The Solution to Everything

Authors: Thomas Denley
Comments: 1 Page.

People have been adhering too rigidly to rules to divide by zero. Their calculators display it as undefined. The calculators were programmed by humans who did not yet understand what division by zero means.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[8] viXra:1906.0295 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-15 07:50:03

Expanding Universe from Weyl Cosmology and Asymptotic Safety in Quantum Gravity

Authors: Carlos Castro
Comments: 18 Pages. Submitted to Classical and Quantum Gravity

A study of the simplest Jordan-Brans-Dicke-like action within the context of Weyl geometry, combined with the findings of Weinberg's Asymptotic Safety program in quantum gravity, leads to a plethora of nice numerical results : (i) like singling out the quartic potential from all others; (ii) having (Anti) de Sitter space as the most natural solution; (iii) furnishing the value of the observed vacuum energy density at the Hubble scale $ { 3 \over 8 \pi G_N R_H^2} \sim 10^{ - 122 } M_P^4$; (iv) a $ { 3 \over 8 \pi } M_P^4$ vacuum energy density at the Planck scale; and (v) allowing the possibility that our universe is a Black Hole whose horizon coincides with the cosmological Hubble horizon. It is warranted to explore deeper the interplay among Weyl geometry, Asymptotic safety and Maldacena's $AdS/CFT$ correspondence (holographic renormalization group flow). Also relevant is the work by Wetterich on the role of dilatation symmetry in higher dimensions and the vanishing of the cosmological constant. Last, but not least, we should also consider the implications of Penrose' Conformal Cyclic Cosmology and Nottale's Scale Relativity Theory with the key findings of this work.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[7] viXra:1906.0288 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-15 11:19:33

Local Symmetries in Theory of Emergent Spacetime and Matter (In Russian)

Authors: Andrey N. Smirnov
Comments: 2 Pages.

Local symmetries in the theory of emergent space-time are considered. It is shown that in this theory there are U(1) and SU(3) local symmetries. The wave-particle duality is considered.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[6] viXra:1906.0238 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-13 13:42:16

Quantitative Gravity Transverse Spatial Vibration of Dimensions

Authors: Yasser alsharif
Comments: 5 Pages.

I am talking about the vibrating position of the spatial dimensions of the Planck length scale. The speed of the light is affected by this vibration. It is also transmitted through it, also how gravity is weak and how the velocity of Blanc's vibration affects the mass so that this mass absorbs this direction to create an opposite gravity towards it.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[5] viXra:1906.0235 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-13 16:24:40

Quantized Space-Time and the Quantized Multiverse

Authors: Eran Sinbar
Comments: 2 Pages.

The many world interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, the extra dimensions of string theory, the unexplained entanglement in quantum theory, the mysterious dark energy and dark matter, all link together to the possibility that our three dimension universe is not the entire picture and that we need to find an improved model of space time that can deal with these new concepts. This paper will suggest a new way of looking at our three-dimension universe.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[4] viXra:1906.0234 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-13 17:45:32

Expansions and Justifications of "It from Quantum Digit"

Authors: Savior F. Eason
Comments: 53 Pages.

In this more extensive piece, predictions and accompanying proofs for projections of a Q-bital membrane surface will be discussed and outlined. Quasi-crystalline gate-theory is applied to derived simplex logic-point systems, which will be used to derive emergent parameter and operation logic, from which extractions will be made. Simplex Logic tree extrapolations will also be gestated and discussed, and their entanglements with quantum and classical operational theories will be rendered. This will be a gateway into the next discussion of the paper, which will translate the emergent evolution of geometric entropy into system solutions for cosmology and relativistic equations, made with extractions from those theories, as seen in membrane hologrids for informational geostructures, which reflects in super-spatially projected shadows. We will also project entropic evolution in Gate-theory diagrams when translations are made to standard model particles, and emergent evolution to hyper-graphical super-simplex logic on the backdrop of an extra-dimensional zero-template(grid) will be introduced through premises of basic quantum computing and symmetric code. This hyper-grid logic will be shown to obviously reduce and derive to the known mechanics, and from this we can derive periodic tableac sets of program variations, which evolve from entropic emergence and evolve into hyper-bit dynamic relationships(Which reflect through the translations of augmenting systems, as seen in the actuating conversions of hughe-theory and quantum mechanics). Throughout, the axioms of information conservation and computer polarity will be held(and justified). Rational equations will also be conducted, and from these, explosive host-sets will be projected and justified with those same equations. Some of these projections will be surprising to the physics community, but a key principle is that none will actively diverge from the accepted theories; Only expansions will be made. More justification will be sourced in simple electrons, the electricity of a computer chip, infodynamics, and thermodynamics(Especially on the surface of a black hole). Rederivations to physical operations will be demonstrated, and an overall geometry circuit will be displayed. Inconsistency of physical fields as absolute will be exposed, and hughe-theory will be established. Extraphysical systems will be applied too and treated as physical fields(You'll see why as well). All this will lead up to a demonstration of elegance and symmetry that entangles with observed phenomena. From this, the projections of "Quigit theory" will be demonstrated as obvious. This will lead to an interesting premise for further research and philosophies, and the upcoming paper relating to unpertubatable chaos in physics. Finally, a discussion on these results and an absolute-point justification will be conducted, and the consequent gestation of these conclusions will be demonstrated. Past papers will be referenced as axioms; These are linked in the references section.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[3] viXra:1906.0210 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-12 14:30:44

Information; a Beautiful Candidate for a T.o.e

Authors: Savior F. Eason
Comments: 40 Pages. Dependent on the computer, the PDF may not load

In this paper, Infinite Mandeldimensions of polynetworks with binary infogrithms will be derived in the fundamental forces as derived variants of ontological binary information as a fundamental premise for reality. Additionally, the consistency of x=10(phv), as well as the GR to QT invariant symettry of |f>=10 will be displayed mathematically and physically. From this, S2t(fd) and consequents are derived, as well as accompanying symmettries of hypergeometric space and polyhedronic networks. In golden symmettries and biratio forces(especially in electromagnetism), |x>=Gate10 is derived, and existence is defined as |ex>=Poly(n)10(d)(d9Sp10). Other derivations are displayed, such as balanced biratio proportions in established theories(Invariantly between quantum theories and relativistic mechanics). Observability will also be discussed, and derivation from GUT and TOE contenders will be exposed. Predictions and validation will be presented as well. Citations and Co-writings include Edward Witten[1], James gates[2], Walter Smilga[3], and etcetera as cited pre-abstract.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[2] viXra:1906.0162 [pdf] replaced on 2019-06-13 05:07:26

Photons and Independent E/m Waves

Authors: Michael Tzoumpas
Comments: 8 Pages.

The independent E/M waves are created, during the electron oscillations at an emission antenna. These waves do not compose the constant photon length, in contrast to the fundamental E/M waves of photon. Additionally, the Compton phenomenon is interpreted, while the atomic orbitals are standing waves the self-superposition of the motion wave of electrons.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[1] viXra:1906.0127 [pdf] replaced on 2019-06-09 21:45:20

The Physics Chimera

Authors: Stephen H. Jarvis
Comments: 18 Pages.

In this paper the entire spectrum of the recent modern history of the Standard Model of physics shall be presented and examined and exposed for upholding a “chimera” concept which has prevented physics from joining electromagnetism with gravity as theoretical and physical field driven entities. This chimera will be exposed to be “inertia”, the bane of relativity, otherwise leading to absurd conclusions in ultimate equations of field forces across the expanse of space and time. A “fix” to this chimera is proposed, as a new concept for time examining bodies in motion, namely the idea of time as “the” most fundamental concept in space, from which the golden ratio “scaling system” shall be once again calculated from this new primordial level of conception and bodies-in-motion relationship. From those calculations of the golden ratio scaling system for time, the idea of space will become apparent as an emergence from the dimension of time, and most importantly how time behaves as light in regard to space. Upon that emergent platform of space, a list of all the features derived from the golden ratio algorithm shall be once again be brought to attention as per the previous papers [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8], highlighting these derived schemes as the mechanisms of “proof” for this new theory, as data and equations derived from first principles that then confirm what has been found through extensive historical scientific research. Such shall highlight the fundamental failure of the idea of “inertia” in physical equations and expose those equations as the “chimera” of modern-day physics.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory