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Spirituality Food for the Unification of Bio Energy with Cosmic Energy

Authors: Acharya Sennimalai Kalimuthu
Comments: 4 Pages. Come & experience

If one wants oneness with God, enlightenment and bliss in spiritual practices, then he/ she must carry out the daily practices mentioned in this work.
Category: Physics of Biology

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On Bio-Cosmic Energy and Eyes Practice

Authors: Acharya Sennimalai Kalimuthu
Comments: 3 Pages. This is NOT, Not and NOT a fiction.This experiment is for Reality.

The Unmanifested Invisible Supreme Space is the ultimate reality. It is called Brahman in Hindu philosophy. When there is a slight movement / motion in that Brahman, sound begin to originate. This sound creates PHYSICAL spacetime. Then emerges the formation of material objects. The physical spacetime has meaning if and only if there is matter. So, in a sense matter is the prime source for the properties of physical spacetime. Then this invisible Supreme space gives energy for the formation of five fundamental boothas namely soil, water, fire, air and physical space. The combination of these five boothas is the cause for all kinds of life. So, in this universe each and everything is the manifestation of energy only. The lifetron which is spinning in both clock wise and anti clock wise at the center of the bore head between the two eye brows supplies energy to the human body. When the lifetron loses its energy, then natural death occurs. If we go on filling cosmic energy in the bio energy, we can prolong human life for ever, for ever. This is not only philosophy but also science. In this work, getting cosmic energy through eyes control has been introduced.
Category: Physics of Biology

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Genetic Phase Angle Distance

Authors: Daniel K. Pratt
Comments: Final draft of undergraduate thesis in Biotechnology. Includes 8 pages of Wolfram Mathematica copy/paste code to replicate the experiment. contact daniel dot k dot pratt at gmail dot com

It is hypothesized that a mapping of the biochemical properties of genetic nucleotides into the three dimensional ℝ3 Clifford algebra will yield a novel and meaningful evolutionary distance measure. The nucleotides A,T,C,G are mapped according to three biochemical properties (amino/keto, purine/pyrimidine, weak/strong), resulting in four base-vectors. A weighted linear combination of the base-vectors as codon triplets results in a "Tetrahedral Genetic Code" (TGC), where all 64 codons map to 64 unique codon-vectors in the space. Phase distance θ is measured as the angle between sequentially neighboring codon-vectors, and a sequence of codons is measured as the total path length in radians of the vector as it traverses the TGC. Angular difference Δθ is computed as the absolute value of the difference in phase θ between sequences, at homologous loci. The Genetic Phase Angle Distance (GPAD) is computed as the Δθ mean. GPAD is computed on a sample sequence matrix for 11 different species and compared side by side to the Equal-input distance and phylogenetic tree computed on that same species matrix.
Category: Physics of Biology

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On Lion's Tonic

Authors: Acharya Sennimalai Kalimuthu
Comments: 3 Pages. This is for Real

From the Holy Bible we have an interesting info. that Adam lived for nine hundred and thirty years , the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years, Enoch’s life time was nine hundred and five years, , all the days of Cainan were nine hundred and ten years, and Mahalalel lived for eight hundred and ninety five years, [Genesis,5:5, 5:8, 5:11, 5:14 and 5:17 ] In those period, there were no pollution. In those days, there were no chemicals and fertilizers for farming. The air was pure, the water was clean. The nature was in favor of good health. But, now a days the scene is entirely different. To live for hundreds of years without any disease, a new natural medicine has been introduced.
Category: Physics of Biology

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On the Unification of Bio Energy with Cosmic Energy

Authors: Acharya Sennimalai Kalimuthu
Comments: 4 Pages. This is NOT, NOT and NOT a fiction .It is indeed a biocosmic phenomenon.Motivated and devoted people are always welcome to do R & D on this topic.

Maxell unified electricity and magnetism; Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg unified electromagnetic force with nuclear weak interaction force; Einstein unified mass and energy with his formula E = mc2 , Einstein combined space and time. Presently physicists are facing great challenges on the unification of Einstein’s general relativity with quantum mechanics. The physical interpretation of energy energy states that energy is capacity to do work. The conservation law of energy expresses that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. One form of energy can be converter in to another form. In this work, the author attempts to unify bio-energy with cosmic- energy.
Category: Physics of Biology