History and Philosophy of Physics

1802 Submissions

[4] viXra:1802.0285 [pdf] submitted on 2018-02-21 00:27:56

Light Spin Unitary Principle Equivalence

Authors: Paris Samuel Miles Brenden
Comments: 104 Pages. Trust in the truism that is a ladder to a way; for then the light that is so; is found by what passes beneath.

The principles and foundation of our understanding of the universe are one; to that of the effect of an end found in that of the inquiry of man supported by the sentience of it's meaning in all that is; the verifiable true consideration is one word; the eventual ending of a pretense found in that of what is disclosed as fact; as in either of what we so consider of the eventual; the end of what is so; is a new beginning in that of life; the future as a world in one; as love; of the incarnation of all that is; the given of life to it's true form and kind treatment of another; as cooperatively all beings respectfully are endowed with the given of love; the explanation of which is the choice to deliver life upon life as the infinite compassion of which is the release to freedom from constraint; and the given of return of kindness as known for that of kind of meaning; the given of our existence upon all of created; as the form of the shapeless and only knowable truth of one world and people; since as in the only granted excepted truth and giving of a people so knowable in all eventualities is explained as the principle of motion of the immobility of the heart of meaning to all of existence to the truth of understanding in principle nature; to the given of what is being; the standing of it's continuance only then found in that of the freedom found in that of the giving of life; by the endowment of one for attention to their and other's consideration prior to another; as the expressed choice to one's self; and the forgiveness of all equivalences of people; worlds; and meanings found in the natural laws of this world; the next; and nature of a future yet to be; for then in what is; the given of each; is the endowed of all; and throughout what is creation; every being is dependent on the remainder of all of existence; as no such principle exemplified by purpose can mistreat another; the withholding of which is it's purpose to continuance in being and the only means of it's survival; the open difference of which is our inheritance; since as such as one is; all such other given's of people's do require another to support a self; a world; and this given; finally as known; since one self so only remains to exist if and in being as such as all such other supports do; foundationally true as one before another always is.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[3] viXra:1802.0197 [pdf] submitted on 2018-02-15 22:01:15

La Cosmologie Moderne :Une Déviation Intellectuelle Majeure

Authors: Francis M. Sanchez
Comments: 32 Pages. published by CEP (Center of Prospective study) n° 78-79 (March-June 2017), and Bulletin de l'académie Internationale Concorde (2018) review (2018).

The basic Cosmos concept is wiped out in our epoch, contrary to old traditions. The main cosmic phenomena, the galactic recession shows up a length, not a time as widely professed, which is related, via a canonical factor 2, to three main fundamental constants, the light celerity being excluded : three minutes of a mandatory elementary calculation leads to this Observable Universe radius 13.812 milliards light-years. Now the official cosmology says that the Universe age is precisely 13.8 milliards years. The two approaches are concordant, but, as fundamental constants are time-invariant, this excludes the Primordial Big Bang, replacing it by a Permanent Bang, a matter-antimatter oscillation at frequency 10^104 Hz. Modern mathematics have not recognized the Eddington's number as fundamental, while ancient Egypt has represented its decomposition 137 = 3 + 7 + 127, the Catalan-Mersenne series, in the Hypostyle Room of the Amon temple in Karnak. The following term 2^127 gives back the above Universe radius, with the unity for which the Bohr radius is about 137 : the electron wavelength. The couple electron-positron is so the basis of all, as predicted by the forgotten Eddington's statistical Fundamental Theory.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[2] viXra:1802.0174 [pdf] submitted on 2018-02-14 12:21:45

History of the paper "Towards a More Well-Founded Cosmology"

Authors: Hartmut Traunmüller
Comments: 12 Pages.

Scientific journals do not normally publish any paper that directly discredits the currently accepted doctrine within their field, no matter how wrong it is. This is because referees can easily identify deviations from current doctrine and established practice, while it requires a higher intellectual effort to assimilate a new point of view and to follow a non-traditional path of reasoning. Referees naturally tend to avoid this extra effort. Students, researchers and editors are aware of this and so are likely to choose a mode of action that does not threaten their own carrier. Thus, they prefer to follow the mainstream. These circumstances are apt to preclude fundamental progress in science for long periods of time. This is merely a case study about the history of a paper that illustrates this problem.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[1] viXra:1802.0034 [pdf] submitted on 2018-02-03 18:17:07

Response to the FQXi RFP: Agency in the Physical World

Authors: Peter Cameron, Michaele Suisse
Comments: 2 Pages.

To bring scientific rigor to FQXi challenges[1] is the greatest challenge. Given the diverse community and vexing manner in which our organizers delight in framing issues, prevalent absence of rigor follows. Yet a substantial subset of the community is comprised of physicists, with no obvious tightening there of reason’s web. We have two immediate interests. First is to make our work accessible to larger communities, to focus on the theoretical minimum, on quantum interpretations as applied to the geometric wavefunction, to express geometric wavefunction physics in languages of most closely related disciplines. To function as interpreters[11]. Second is quantum impedance matching in nanoelectonics, beyond scale invariant quantum Hall impedance of vector Lorentz forces to those associated with all forces and their potentials. It appears the present status in that community is black art. Nobody knows what they’re doing. Impedance governs amplitude and phase of energy flow. One has to quantum impedance match if one wants to quantum compute effectively. This is just common sense.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics