Muvvala Subrahmanya Sudhir1

[2] viXra:1905.0387 submitted on 2019-05-19 05:53:58, (12 unique-IP downloads)

Simple and Validated Ultraviolet Spectrophotometric Method for the Estimation of Febuxostat in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Authors: Muvvala Subrahmanya Sudhir1, Pavuluri Madan Mohan, Ratnakaram Venkata Nadh
Category: Chemistry

[1] viXra:1905.0287 submitted on 2019-05-19 05:37:40, (5 unique-IP downloads)

Diazo-Coupling: A Facile Mean for the Spectrophotometric Determination of Rasagiline Hemitartrate

Authors: Muvvala Subrahmanya Sudhir1, Ratnakaram Venkata Nadh
Category: Chemistry