James Peters

[3] viXra:1810.0132 submitted on 2018-10-08 05:34:46, (25 unique-IP downloads)

An Operational Definition of Life, Evolution and Their Primeval Occurrence

Authors: Arturo Tozzi, James Peters, John Torday
Category: Physics of Biology

[2] viXra:1804.0132 submitted on 2018-04-10 11:52:50, (149 unique-IP downloads)

Euclid's Geometry is Just in Our Mind, Rather Than Describing the Real World

Authors: Arturo Tozzi, James Peters
Category: Geometry

[1] viXra:1801.0018 submitted on 2018-01-02 13:39:04, (57 unique-IP downloads)

A Novel Belt Model of the Atom, Compatible with Quantum Dynamics

Authors: Alexander Yurkin, James Peters, Arturo Tozzi
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics