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Integral Mean Estimates for the Polar Derivative of a Polynomial

Authors: N. A. Rather, Suhail Gulzar
Comments: 8 Pages.

Let $ P(z) $ be a polynomial of degree $ n $ having all zeros in $|z|\leq k$ where $k\leq 1,$ then it was proved by Dewan \textit{et al} \cite{d} that for every real or complex number $\alpha$ with $|\alpha|\geq k$ and each $r\geq 0$ $$ n(|\alpha|-k)\left\{\int\limits_{0}^{2\pi}\left|P\left(e^{i\theta}\right)\right|^r d\theta\right\}^{\frac{1}{r}}\leq\left\{ \int\limits_{0}^{2\pi}\left|1+ke^{i\theta}\right|^r d\theta\right\}^{\frac{1}{r}}\underset{|z|=1}{Max}|D_\alpha P(z)|. $$ \indent In this paper, we shall present a refinement and generalization of above result and also extend it to the class of polynomials $P(z)=a_nz^n+\sum_{\nu=\mu}^{n}a_{n-\nu}z^{n-\nu},$ $1\leq\mu\leq n,$ having all its zeros in $|z|\leq k$ where $k\leq 1$ and thereby obtain certain generalizations of above and many other known results.
Category: Functions and Analysis