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Neutrinos Faster Than Light Speed

Authors: Stein Sivertsen

September 2011: The OPERA neutrino anomaly was the detection by the OPERA experiment of subatomic particles, neutrinos, that appeared to travel faster than light. This result was publicly announced on September 2011. The apparent finding was a subject of inquiry and debate. It was considered anomalous since speeds higher than that of light in a vacuum are generally thought to violate special relativity. In this paper, published 28.12.2011, I offered an explanation of this anomaly based upon my article: http://www.vixra.org/abs/1010.0035 (A Philosophical And Mathematical Theory Of Everything). Updated 21.04.2013: In february 2012 the OPERA collaboration confirmed that the measurement result was based on two errors: 1. A link from a GPS receiver to the OPERA master clock was loose. 2. A clock on an electronic board ticked faster than expected. Correcting for the two found sources of error, results for neutrino speed appear to be consistent with the speed of light. After the initial report from OPERA many physicists tried to reconcile the OPERA result and make sense of it, while many were actively trying to disprove the result. I, my self, as an independent amature scientist, found the september report from OPERA very interesting because it made me wonder if the “maximum speed limit” in nature (c) in some frames of references could be faster relative to the light speed measured above earth in vacuum. We now know that the OPERA result was erroneous. But in “The Scharnhorst effect”, which is a hypothetical phenomenon, light signals travel faster than c between two closely spaced conducting plates. “A prediction made by this assertion is that the speed of a photon will be increased if it travels between two Casimir plates. Because of the limited amount of space between the two plates, some virtual particles present in vacuum fluctuations will have wavelengths that are too large to fit between the plates. This causes the effective density of virtual particles between the plates to be lower than that outside the plates. Therefore, a photon that travels between these plates will spend less time interacting with virtual particles because there are fewer of them to slow it down. The ultimate effect would be to increase the apparent speed of that photon. The closer the plates are, the lower the virtual particle density, and the higher the speed of light. The effect, however, is predicted to be minuscule. A photon travelling between two plates that are 1 micrometer apart would increase the photon's speed by only about one part in 10 ^36. This change in light's speed is too small to be detected with current technology, which prevents the Scharnhorst effect from being tested at this time.” (Se reference 3). This effect could in theory lead to an increased “maximum speed limit” inside earth where the mass density is extremely high (where the amount of space between the particles is extremely limited relative to vacuum above earth). Because of this interesting hypothetical phenomenom I have arrived to the conclusion to let my speculative analysis in the article published 28.12.2011 stand untouched, since it still gives an explanation of why the maximum speed limit (c) in some frames might be faster than lightspeed measured in vacuum (based upon my article: http://www.vixra.org/abs/1010.0035 (A Philosophical And Mathematical Theory Of Everything). (My article “Neutrinos faster than light speed“, published 28.12.2011 in vixra.org, is also referred to in the database: “http://web.mit.edu/redingtn/www/netadv/ftlNuSwift.html” (at Massachusetts Institute of Technology) under the chapter “Neutrinos move faster in matter”.

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