Submitting e-prints to viXra.

Please do not submit versions of your paper to viXra as sent to you by a publishing journal or which you have generated using the journal's standard templates unless you have permission in writing from the journal publisher to make those versions available on the internet. These would include copyright formatting and logos of the journal which could lead to take-down notices being sent to viXra. While authors remain responsible for content, viXra has no wish to aid copyright violations and sometimes proactively removes versions of documents that appear to show journal formatting. This can be avoided by creating your own PDF versions of your papers for viXra with your own layout and formatting.

New Submissions

  1. Please first read the Submission Notes below
  2. Prepare a version of your work in PDF format. The means of doing this are too numerous to list here and they change frequently. If your document preparation system does not have an option for PDF output you should search on the web for suitable PDF converters.
  3. The PDF document should include the following information that we will need:
    • The title
    • The list of author names
    • The abstract
    • The content of the article
  4. Use the submission form to upload the PDF along with other relevant information.

If you have any difficulties with this procedure please ask us about it by sending e-mail to We can no longer accept submissions themselves by e-mail under any circumstances, sorry if this is inconvenient.

Replacements and Withdrawals

If you wish to replace a paper that has already been listed you should upload the updated version in a similar way except you should use the "replacement" form. Your e-mail address should be the same as the original submission.

You may replace a paper up to nine times to include corrections and refinements. Further replacements may be allowed if a good reason is given, such as correcting an error. Please remember that a paper should normally reach a final form. It is not a perpetual work in progress like an encyclopedia article that gets continuously updated in the light of new information. You should not submit a paper if you know that it is incomplete and will require replacements.

When you make a replacement the new version only appears at the bottom section of the main category listings and is not given any new prominence. This is to discourage people who have a misguided belief that they can get more attention by submitting replacements. People searching in Google are just as likely to find an old version as the newest replacement at least until the Google index has updated. This is outside our control. To avoid these problems we advise you to try to submit finished papers to begin with.

Papers with the same title as a previous submission by the same authors, or very similar in title, abstract or content, may be treated as replacements. If we make a mistake let us know and we will look at it again.

When a paper is replaced we will normally keep copies of earlier versions online as a record. If you wish any earlier versions to be removed for any reason please uae thw removal form.

To withdraw a paper use the withdrawal form. A reason for withdrawal should be given. Use the same e-mail address as the original submission. If a journal asks you to withdraw a version from an online archive as a condition of publication then you are strongly advised not to accept the condition. No respectable journals make such requests. For your information here is a list of journals that have asked for papers to be removed from viXra either before or after publication. You should therefore avoid these at all costs:

Journal of Modern Physics
Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
International Journal of Current Research
Applied Physics Research

Updating abstract and comment

You can make other change requests using the change form (e.g. to move a submission to a different category or change a comment). Note however that we do not do category cross-listings.

If your paper is accepted for publication you should request us to change to the comment to show the journal reference

License Conditions does not require that authors grant any specific license to Copyright is assumed to remain entirely with the authors of any articles submitted. We will comply with any verified request to withdraw articles from any of its authors. assumes that submitters have gained permission of all authors for us to archive articles on and its mirrors, and to allow them to be indexed and cached in search engines and other catalogues. If this is not the case please do not submit. Permission is not given for them to be copied and held in other public archives except as a temporary cache. No rights granted are assumed to be exclusive to and authors may submit their work to other archives and journals without constraints from us. will never charge for access to any articles, but we reserve the right to introduce some advertising on the website or other money raising schemes if this is necessary for funding to support the running and development of the site. The articles in PDF format will never be modified by us and can only appear in their original form. Authors may specify a particular license agreement (such as creative commons) provided it is consistent with these conditions. We recommend that any such license be stated in the PDF document. We will also include it in our comments field if we are aware of it.

Submission NOTES

It is the stated purpose of viXra to accept all reasonable submissions of scientific papers. However we reserve the right to reject or withdraw papers and we are likely to do so if we become aware of the following:

We do not accept works of art, literature, journalism, politics or similar categories that have no scientific content.

Submissions should be single papers. Collections such as compiled works or conference proceedings would need to be separated into individual papers and submitted individually. Longer works such as books or thesis can be accepted provided author, title and abstract are included.

ViXra will accept e-prints in any language, but please provide at least a title and abstract in English. A paper will reach a wider audience if written in English so we realise that most authors will want to provide their work in English. However, we advise that translations of technical articles produced using automated translators are very poor and hard to understand. You may find it better to provide a single PDF with both language versions combined.

We cannot normally accept submissions in formats other than PDF or sent in other ways.

You should give your real name as author, however it is acceptable to use a "nom de plume" for legitimate reasons (e.g. your name is too common or similar to a well-known person, or you want to avoid gender or ethnic bias, or you do not want your employers or acquaintances to judge you by your research.) If a nom de plume is used it must be a full name, not a single word pseudonym, and you must use it for all your research. Above all you must not publish as a sock puppet who cites your own work under another name, and you must not pretend to be someone else or claim an unjustified affiliation. If you claim an affiliation you must be able to prove it e.g. by pointing to a webpage on the institution website. You should also give some indication of your position at the institution e.g. professor, postdoc, PHD student, undergraduate etc.

Some journals may not permit an e-print to be kept online when they publish your paper. Please check their terms and conditions and keep copies as we cannot act as intermediaries in any dispute.

We reserve the right to place an article in a different science category if we think it is more appropriate

Comments should be very brief and limited to technicalities such as the number of pages, license terms and publication notes. Information about the content of the paper such as its aims is more suitable for the abstract.

Please try to keep your abstract to a reasonable length (< 400 words). We may have to truncate over-long abstracts in the listings. Most formatting in the abstracts, such as new titles and new paragraphs will be lost. We will try to reproduce subscripts, superscripts and any unusual characters in the HTML but please do not include any more complicated equations. If you wish to show italics or bold typing or other special formatting you should provide your own HTML version with the markup. Where abstracts are too hard for us to reproduce we may just replace with a note referring to the PDF version.

The submitted work must be completely contained in one PDF document. It cannot include any extra files such as figures.

Do not include executable files embedded in the PDF. This can trigger virus alerts which ultimately result in the viXra site being blocked. If you wish to distribute software associated with your research papers you can upload it to a file sharing site then provide a link and instructions.

For very large documents you can send a URL link to a copy of the PDF instead of an attachment. Anything up to about 10 MBytes can be uploaded using the forms.

We cannot make links from to author sites, other than any in the PDF.

The best way to prepare mathematical documents is with TeX or LaTeX. There are free packages available for most popular platforms, e.g. MiKTeX for Windows.

Please do not submit lots of short papers with a similar idea. Combine them into one larger e-print. Your readers will appreciate it.

It is perfectly acceptable to submit e-prints to both and to or other archives. However, if you submit for publication in a commercial journal you should check that the journals terms and conditions do not restrict you to one online copy (Most scientific journals do allow copies of the submitted version to be submitted to archives. They are often unhappy about the posting of updated versions with changes requested by their reviewer before publication in the journal. It is normally OK to update the archive a little while after it has appeared in the journal, but please also avoid using the journals formatting or logo. Sometimes it is a journal requirement that you update the comment to show the citation reference for the published version. However, the exact conditions vary. There is usually something about the policy in the copyright FAQ on the publishers website). If you submit to and later decide to limit to one copy elsewhere you can withdraw the e-print from and let us know where it is. We will provide a forwarding link.

By submitting your documents to you declare that all authors and other copyright owners of the work have given permission for distribution on the website and that you will inform us of any change of conditions.

Please do not use "cc" to copy any of your e-mails sent to us to other people's addresses. This could result in discussion replies from other individuals making it more difficult for us to track submission messages. When this happens we mark the e-mail addresses as sources of junk mail and this may cause submissions from those e-mail addresses to be delayed or missed altogether.

Normally we aim to put all e-prints online within 48 hours from submission. Sometimes this is not possible due to heavy workload. If you do not receive a confirmation reply you should check the latest date of new submissions on the website. If this is later than the date of your submission please send us a note to query the omission. DO NOT resubmit papers just because they have not yet appeared - This causes much wasted time for the administrators. If administrator commitments mean that there could be extended delays, then there will be a message in red at the top of this page giving details. Where a single submitter submits a large number of papers over a short period we may have to add them gradually to the archive over a more extended period.

Once your e-print is online please check that we did not miss-enter any of the information and let us know if we did.