viXra Privacy Policy

As a UK-based website is bound by privacy regulations of the UK and EU including the UK Data Protections Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (EC Directive).

ViXra will store the personal data of e-print submitters including their name and e-mail address as supplied to us. Only author names will be displayed on the web site. E-mail addresses and other personal details will be kept private except where authors have included them within their e-print document. We will not pass on e-mail addresses or other personal data we have to other organisations except where required by UK or EU law. we may make agreements with other organisations to exchange information such as author names e.g. for the purposes of tracking references and citations, but this will not include e-mail addresses or other contact information. We will not pass on contact info to other individuals without explicit permission from the individuals concerned. viXra will not use personal information for marketing purposes but authors should be aware that e-mail addresses can be harvested from web documents including those in PDF format and used for marketing purposes by organisations beyond our control. We may contact individuals by e-mail in connection with their submissions.

The copyright and all other intellectual property rights of all e-prints remains with the authors. We assume a license to distribute the documents through this website only. If authors grant an exclusive copyright to another publisher that does not permit a copy to remain here, then it is their responsibility to withdraw it from

viXra does not collect any information on other individuals who use our site, except that IP addresses and other browser provided details may be recorded in server access logs. These will not be used for any purpose except usage statistics and no information that could identify individuals will be distributed publicly or privately. does not use cookies. Where an individual contacts us by e-mail their contact info will not be passed on without permission or used for any other purpose except where required by UK or EU law.