General Mathematics

1901 Submissions

[7] viXra:1901.0444 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-29 06:25:37

Tres Mega-Integrales

Authors: Edgar Valdebenito
Comments: 2 Pages.

Esta nota muestra tres integrales definidas.
Category: General Mathematics

[6] viXra:1901.0267 [pdf] replaced on 2019-02-07 09:37:49

A Perfect Regression Problem for Algebra 2

Authors: Timothy W. Jones
Comments: 9 Pages. Typos corrected with additiional commentary added.

The full potential of elementary algebra to precipitate a human quantum leap is presented. A simple regression problem demonstrates how programming can be combined with linear regression. The math and programming are simple enough for any algebra class that uses a TI-83 family calculator. The problem fully considered might enable students to see the picture and evolve to a better place.
Category: General Mathematics

[5] viXra:1901.0209 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-14 17:11:15

π Formula

Authors: Yuji Masuda
Comments: 1 Page.

This is π formula.
Category: General Mathematics

[4] viXra:1901.0154 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-11 06:25:44

Una Integral Elemental

Authors: Edgar Valdebenito
Comments: 1 Page.

Esta nota muestra una integral elemental.
Category: General Mathematics

[3] viXra:1901.0153 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-11 06:28:59

Fractales Y Fórmulas

Authors: Edgar Valdebenito
Comments: 69 Pages.

Esta nota muestra una colección de fractales.
Category: General Mathematics

[2] viXra:1901.0100 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-09 01:40:30

The Perturbation Analysis of Low-Rank Matrix Stable Recovery

Authors: Jianwen Huang, Jianjun Wang, Feng Zhang, Hailin Wang
Comments: 17 Pages.

In this paper, we bring forward a completely perturbed nuclear norm minimization method to tackle a formulation of completely perturbed low-rank matrices recovery. In view of the matrix version of the restricted isometry property (RIP) and the Frobenius-robust rank null space property (FRNSP), this paper extends the investigation to a completely perturbed model taking into consideration not only noise but also perturbation, derives sufficient conditions guaranteeing that low-rank matrices can be robustly and stably reconstructed under the completely perturbed scenario, as well as finally presents an upper bound estimation of recovery error. The upper bound estimation can be described by two terms, one concerning the total noise, and another regarding the best $r$-approximation error. Specially, we not only improve the condition corresponding with RIP, but also ameliorate the upper bound estimation in case the results reduce to the general case. Furthermore, in the case of $\mathcal{E}=0$, the obtaining conditions are optimal.
Category: General Mathematics

[1] viXra:1901.0025 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-04 00:51:50

The Personalities of Numbers

Authors: Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Comments: 4 Pages.

Every number, every equation carries profound meaning, not just physically, but in the bigger scheme of things. We set out to study and uncover them.
Category: General Mathematics