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[7] viXra:1712.0636 [pdf] replaced on 2019-10-11 16:00:39

Union of Two Arithmetic Sequences - Basic Calculation Formula (1)

Authors: Waldemar Zieliński
Comments: 8 Pages.

Let A, B denote arithmetic progressions with initial terms equal to 0. The union of A, B is sequence U, containing all elements of A, B without repetitions. We will derive the formula for the n-th element of the union U(A,B)=(u_n) in the form: u_n=f(n,a,b). The continuations of this paper are available in:
Category: General Mathematics

[6] viXra:1712.0486 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-17 06:23:16

Finite and Infinite Product Transformations

Authors: Martin Nicholson
Comments: 9 Pages.

Several infinite products are studied along with their finite counterparts. For certain values of the parameters these infinite products reduce to modular forms. The finite product formulas give an elementary proof of a particular modular transformation.
Category: General Mathematics

[5] viXra:1712.0392 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-11 16:58:18

Iriene Versus Smarandache

Authors: Gergő Cosmin Tudor Jr.
Comments: 14 Pages.

ABSTARCT: Following recent development in , we propose scientific paper of three parts. 1. We proove strengh of freindship letter proof method 2. Proof of F. Smarandache mathematial skill via S. Wolfram method 3. Th
Category: General Mathematics

[4] viXra:1712.0131 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-06 01:33:15

Sketching 'trinions' and 'heptanions'

Authors: Kohji Suzuki
Comments: 9 Pages.

Attempting to abstract exterior derivative and Hodge star operator, we discuss two number systems sketchily.
Category: General Mathematics

[3] viXra:1712.0123 [pdf] replaced on 2018-10-09 08:01:02

Complete Solutions to Quadratics with a TI-83 Plus

Authors: Timothy W. Jones
Comments: 8 Pages. This draft adds screen captures.

Code is given for complete, exact solutions of quadratic polynomials using the TI-83 family of calculators.
Category: General Mathematics

[2] viXra:1712.0121 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-04 08:35:04


Authors: Liu Ran
Comments: 3 Pages.

Category: General Mathematics

[1] viXra:1712.0111 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-04 21:59:05

Betting on a Tossed Fair Coin - Some Unexpected Results

Authors: D Williams
Comments: 8 Pages.

Some examples are given of very counterintuitive results from betting on a tossed fair coin. Various betting schemes are examined and a preliminary partial classification scheme produced. A call is made for more research with a list of things that are needed.
Category: General Mathematics