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On a Numerical Method of Solving Physical Problems

Authors: Ulrich E. Bruchholz, Horst Eckardt
Comments: Pages. The described method solves marginal-problems with unknown margin.

A numerical method, where differential quotients are approximated by difference quotients, is discussed. This method is commonly underestimated, wrongly. It is explained by an ordinary differential equation first. Then it is demonstrated how this simple method proves successful for non-linear field equations with chaotic behaviour. Using certain discrete values of their integration constants, a behaviour comparable with Mandelbrot sets is obtained. As an example the Einstein-Maxwell equations are investigated, where discrete particle quantities are obtained from a continuous theory which is possible only by this method. The special set of integration constants contains values identical with particle characteristics. Known particle values are confirmed, and unknown can be predicted. In this paper, supposed neutrino masses are presented.
Category: General Mathematics