General Mathematics

1011 Submissions

[2] viXra:1011.0069 [pdf] submitted on 29 Nov 2010

PDEs and Symmetry : an Open Problem

Authors: Elemér E Rosinger
Comments: 7 pages

A simple and basic problem is formulated about symmetric partial differential operators. The symmetries considered here are other than Lie symmetries.
Category: General Mathematics

[1] viXra:1011.0054 [pdf] replaced on 24 Nov 2010

Four Comments on "The Road to Reality" by R Penrose

Authors: Elemér E Rosinger
Comments: 8 pages

Four comments are presented on the book of Roger Penrose entitled "The Road to Reality, A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe". The first comment answers a concern raised in the book. The last three point to important omissions in the book.
Category: General Mathematics