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On Smarandache Rings II

Authors: A K S Chandra Sekhar Rao
Comments: 12 Pages.

In this paper we show that a commutative semisimple ring is always a Smarandache ring. We will also give a necessary and sufficient condition for group algebra to be a Smarandache ring. Examples are provided for justification.
Category: General Mathematics

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Proposed Problems of Mathematics (Vol. II)

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 74 pages, Mathematical problems for student competitions, translated from Romanian and French into English by the author.

The first book of "Problèmes avec et sans ... problèmes!" was published in Morocco in 1983. I collected these problems that I published in various Romanian or foreign magazines (amongst which: "Gazeta Matematica", magazine which formed me as problem solver, "American Mathematical Monthly", "Crux Mathematicorum" (Canada), "Elemente der Mathematik" (Switzerland), "Gaceta Matematica" (Spain), "Nieuw voor Archief" (Holland), etc. while others are new proposed problems in this second volume. These have been created in various periods: when I was working as mathematics professor in Romania (1984-1988), or co-operant professor in Morocco (1982-1984), or emigrant in the USA (1990-1997). I thank to the Algebra Department of the State University of Moldova for the publication of this book.
Category: General Mathematics