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[1] viXra:1401.0026 [pdf] submitted on 2014-01-04 13:08:10

Topological Systems and Social Networks: The Plan of Evolution

Authors: Luis Sancho
Comments: 180 Pages.

The Universe is made of two formal motions, energy and information and its combinations, whose forms correspond to the 3 canonical topologies of a 4 dimensional Universe: Hyperbolic, informative systems; energetic, spherical limbs, and toroid combinations of both. The 3 systems together form complementary systems made of informative particle/heads, reproductive body/waves and energetic limbs/fields. Each topology dominates an age or horizon of evolution of the species: the young, energetic age; the reproductive maturity and the informative 3rd age. Further on individual systems gather in herds, cellular clusters and social networks, evolving into bigger systems, creating a social arrow common to all systems that evolve from simple particles into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms and super-organisms (biological systems) or matter states, celestial bodies, solar systems and galaxies. Those simple principles of General Systems Sciences and Topology reduce the possibilities of morphological evolution explaining how complex forms such as informative eyes or energetic limbs can emerge, solving the old problem already considered by Darwin; and explain the fractal, self-similar organization of physical systems.
Category: Topology