Thermodynamics and Energy

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Mpemba Effect Explanation

Authors: Ilias J. Tyrovolas
Comments: 8 Pages.

Water molecules are dipoles positioned and oriented joined by hydrogen bonds. When water is heated this structure collapses (increasing entropy). After the water is recooled to a lower temperature the structure is not reconstructed immediately but needed some time. Time is not always available inside a freezer because the cooling process is fast. Entropy reduction curves function of temperature S=f(T) appear retardation (lagging) relative to entropy growth curves. The water after was heated and recooled at the starting temperature, has more entropy than before it was heated. That means that molecules have now the same kinetic energy, but thermal motion before heating was more oriented by the structure mentioned above. Recooling random collisions are more possible leading to faster temperature reduction.
Category: Thermodynamics and Energy