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A First Class Analysis, and Dissemination of Information of the September 11 Attacks

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi
Comments: 13 Pages.

In the September 11, 2001, nearly 3000 U.S. citizens were killed by terror attacks. A strong relationship existed between Palestinians, Qutbists, and jihadist groups with the Iranian government. Those days, Islamism in Europe had made strong connections with some Arabs and also Iranians. So, for example the al-Quds Mosque in Hamburg was not such an exception. There some attackers attended and met one another, forming the Hamburg cell. Al-Qaeda is an advocate of jihad. We consider Iran as a powerful propagator of radicalism mindset. In Afghanistan a series of meetings occurred in spring of 1999, involving Sheikh Mohammed, and Osama bin Laden. Atta became involved with the al-Quds Mosque. The Quds Force is described as “a military branch of Iran, active in dozens of countries". It is estimated, Iranians have at least hundreds of thousands of military troops just in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, etc. Here we shall investigate the real causes of this brutal terrorist attack. In addition to a memorial, built at Ground Zero, other memorials have been built across the U.S. such as Flight 93 National Memorial, and Pentagon Memorial, following the terrorist attacks. Construction of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum began in August 2006. And it was opened to the general public in 2014. Just after the attacks President George W. Bush called it as "despicable acts of terror". Today we are trying hard to stand against the will of terrorists. Relatives of victims of the attacks won't ever forget such violations against humanity.
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Analysis of Beggars in Modern Nepal

Authors: Arjun Dahal, Nikita Parajuli
Comments: 4 Pages.

This paper attempts to classify the beggars of modern Nepal according to their professional and their art of begging. By observing their principles of begging, we have classified them into 6 categories and each category has been explained in brief.
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