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[2] viXra:1111.0008 [pdf] submitted on 2 Nov 2011

Is the Self-Destruction of Mankind Inevitable?

Authors: Mark Sverdlov
Comments: 6 Pages.

It has been shown that men cannot objectively percept and cognize the world but are organically connected with it, feel its total unity. This unity includes living unloving synthesis. Mankind world uncorrelation during civilization epoch prevents from feeling this and from forming of common human unity, leading to confrontation between peoples, to destruction of nature. Escalation of these processes led mankind to the verge of self-destruction. Science is directed to objective cognizing of the world which is inaccessible for men because of subjectivity of their perception and thinking. That is why science cannot help to understand the present situation. New science is necessary, taking into account the nature of human perception and thinking. It is shown that men can restore their natural feeling of the world and form united mankind, organically connected with it, on this foundation.
Category: Social Science

[1] viXra:1111.0007 [pdf] submitted on 2 Nov 2011

United Humanity ... Is It Possible?

Authors: Mark Sverdlov
Comments: 2 Pages.

It is shown that the human perception of the world was divided into two principally different representations - Eastern and Western. The Eastern school of thought was attempting to deepen its perception and viewed its knowledge in this context. The Western school of thought was based on subjectively logical modeling of the information obtained from the perception. It assumed that this way it was learning about the world. It is shown that the Western understanding was the basis of the human being created its own world during the time of civilization. This was not taken place not from the federative structure which is natural for the makeup of the world, but rather based on the system of monogovernments, which was built on the repression of weak people by the strong ones, as well as the exhostion by the human being of the natural resources. It was shown that the development of humanity in this way has led to almost complete extinction of the natural resources, and has put the humanity on the border of self distraction. It was shown that many-centuries-long development of humanity in this way did not ruin the initially representative of the human nature, basis for the world, federative structures. It was shown in the formation of federative governments as well as international market system in the 19-th and 20-th centuries. It is assumed to be possible, in case of appropriate, fundamental, qualified efforts, the formation on the federative basis the unified all-humanity-system, which is correlated with the makeup of the world and, because of this, retaining the ability to live.
Category: Social Science