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[1] viXra:1104.0032 [pdf] submitted on 6 Apr 2011

Goal-trapping the Ideas of Progress and Regress

Authors: Rodolfo Henrique Cerbaro
Comments: 3 pages.

As long as we have goals, the ideas of progress and regress affect us daily. These ideas are among the most important ones in daily life, therefore understanding them properly is necessary. This work provides a framework where, through relating the ideas with a goal, we manage to understand what the ideas are based upon, therefore how they affect our routine. No such framework exists in social sciences, which leaves the ideas of progress and regress poorly accounted for, and attempts of understanding the ideas have usually been about tracing their story, especially the story of progress, not of tracing how they affect our routine, so hopefully this work can handle this important gap. The expected result is a closer understanding of the ideas and how they affect our routine.
Category: Social Science