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[1] viXra:1502.0045 [pdf] submitted on 2015-02-06 03:21:31

The Neutrosophic Entropy and its Five Components

Authors: Vasile Patrascu
Comments: 7 Pages. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, pp. 40-46, Vol. 7, 2015.

This paper presents two variants of penta-valued representation for neutrosophic entropy. The first is an extension of Kaufmann's formula and the second is an extension of Kosko's formula. Based on the primary three-valued information represented by the degree of truth, degree of falsity and degree of neutrality there are built some penta-valued representations that better highlights some specific features of neutrosophic entropy. Thus, we highlight five features of neutrosophic uncertainty such as ambiguity, ignorance, contradiction, neutrality and saturation. These five features are supplemented until a seven partition of unity by adding two features of neutrosophic certainty such as truth and falsity. The paper also presents the particular forms of neutrosophic entropy obtained in the case of bifuzzy representations, intuitionistic fuzzy representations, paraconsistent fuzzy representations and finally the case of fuzzy representations.
Category: Set Theory and Logic