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from AI to Relativity

Authors: Rodney Bartlett
Comments: 9 Pages.

This article started as a brief comment on the recent death of artificial-intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky. After writing that the power of our emotions could be used to greatly enhance our reasoning abilities, I found that more and more had to be added and it turned into a physics article. This switch happened when I wrote that the entire universe (including the human brain) might be composed of electronics' binary digits. Since the bits would be generated by so-called virtual particles, it was necessary to talk about them and how their random motions could be ordered to produce 1's and 0's. I concluded this could be achieved via future application of an electrical-engineering experiment conducted at Yale University in 2009. From there, I began paragraphs on topics like cosmology, biotechnology and Maxwell's "retarded" and "advanced" light waves. This led to E=mc^2, gravitational waves also having retarded/advanced components, the multiverse actually being the unification of all past and future states of the universe with the present cosmos, and the concept from a 1919 paper by Einstein of gravitational waves playing a role in matter's creation. Since those waves have an "advanced" component that travels back in time, the matter of technicians, biotechnologists and computers could also go backwards in time. The final section shows that my conclusions throughout are supported by viewing E=mc^2 in different ways.
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