Quantitative Biology

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[2] viXra:1708.0243 [pdf] submitted on 2017-08-20 23:59:45

Brain Stimulation with Neutrinos

Authors: Evgeny A Novikov
Comments: 2 Pages.

A possibility of brain stimulation with neutrinos is discussed.
Category: Quantitative Biology

[1] viXra:1708.0051 [pdf] replaced on 2017-08-11 01:26:45

Crispr Technology Challenge Facing the Numerical Integrity of Whole Human Genome DNA

Authors: Jean Claude Perez
Comments: 10 Pages. updated release

Background : Global analysis of 3 human genomes of increasing levels of evolution (Neanderthal / Sapiens Build34 / Sapiens hg38) reveals 2 levels of numerical constraints controlling, structuring and optimizing these genome's DNA sequences. A global constraint - called "HGO" for "Human Genome Optimum" - optimizes the genome at its global scale. The same operator applied to each of the 24 individual chromosomes reveals a hierarchical structure of these 24 chromosomes. Results : Then analysing the single strand DNA CG / TA proportions at whole chromosomes and genome scale reveals strong fine-tuned numerical ratios evidencing the "closure" nature (Varela's autopoiesis theory) of whole human genome.
Category: Quantitative Biology