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[1] viXra:1210.0170 [pdf] submitted on 2012-10-28 21:00:28

Unstable Angina is a Mixed Th17 and Th1 Immune Disorder

Authors: Wan-Jiung Hu
Comments: 34 Pages.

Unstable angina is common clinical manifestation of atherosclerosis. However, the detailed pathogenesis of unstable angina is still not known. Here, I propose that unstable angina is a mixed TH17 and TH1 immune disorder. By using microarray analysis, I find out that TH1 and TH17 related cytokine, cytokine receptor, chemokines, complement, immune-related transcription factors, anti-bacterial genes, Toll-like receptors, and heat shock proteins are all up-regulated in peripheral leukocytes of unstable angina. In addition, H-ATPase, glycolytic genes, platelet and RBC related genes are also up-regulated in peripheral leukocytes of during unstable angina. It also implies that atherosclerosis is a mixed TH17 and TH1 autoimmune disease. If we know the etiology of unstable angina as well as atherosclerosis better, we can have better methods to control and prevent this detrimental illness.
Category: Quantitative Biology