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[4] viXra:1305.0106 [pdf] submitted on 2013-05-17 15:26:17

The Production of FRÖHLICH and Bose-Einstein Coherent States in in Vitro Paracrystaline Oligomers Using Phase Control Laser Interferometry

Authors: Richard L. Amoroso
Comments: 5 Pages.

Biophysical aspects of Frohlich coherent states and Einstein-Bose Condensates on nanoscale brain structures such as the microtubule, synaptic grid, or ion channel have been considered relevant to information processing through quasiparticle scattering as a putative foundation for a quantum theory of consciousness. Although the body of theoretical evidence for Frohlich type events in biological systems has been growing for thirty years, the highly speculative nature of this model has hindered broad acceptance in the scientific community. In this paper, as a prelude to in vivo experimentation, a theoretical model is described for creating empirically measurable coherent states in vitro microtubule and DNA Oligomers using a system of modulated tuneable-laser interferometry in resonance with an applied Frohlich frequency to drive the collective dynamics of superradiance and self-induced transparency deemed essential for Frohlich and Bose-Einstein effects in biological systems. Empirical realization of this model would open the door to experimental study of the physical parameters of consciousness.
Category: Physics of Biology

[3] viXra:1305.0105 [pdf] submitted on 2013-05-17 15:48:14

The Physical Origin of Subtle Energies: The Principle Of Self-Organization Driving Living Systems

Authors: Richard L. Amoroso, Elizabeth A. Rauscher
Comments: 23 Pages.

It has long been known that “subtle Energy” pervades the cosmos and every interstice of all forms of living systems. Until now there has never been a pragmatic scientific model of these energies that lends itself to rigorous empirical investigation. A self-organized cosmological model, called the Holographic Anthropic Multiverse (HAM), has been developed wherein a teleological action naturally arises. This new complex self-organized action principle is synonymous with the unified field sought by physicists like Einstein; that in an anthropic multiverse ‘pervades all space, gives life, is the light of the mind and the force that frames the heavens’. This action principle has broad application to fields of medicine and psychology.
Category: Physics of Biology

[2] viXra:1305.0090 [pdf] submitted on 2013-05-15 10:31:35

Empirical Mediation of the Primary Mechanism Initiating Protein Conformation in Prion Propagation

Authors: Richard L. Amoroso, Min-Ying Jacob Chu
Comments: 23 Pages.

Transmissible prion based spongiform encephalopathies propagate by conformational change of the prion’s protein, PrP structure. An experimental design, relying on the utility of a new fundamental teleological action principle inherent in the topological geometry of a covariant polarized Dirac vacuum putatively driving self-organization in all autopoietic complex living systems, is developed to elucidate the fundamental nature of this conformational change. Further, PrP propagation is considered a mechanical action that can be described by ‘interactive computational modes’ of ‘topological switching’ driven by incursive oscillations occurring in the bioenergetics of the prions physical chemistry when improperly coupled to the long-range coherence of the noetic action. The experimental apparatus, a multi-level interferometer, is designed to focus this noetic field in a manner that simulates the mechanism driving PrP conformation to pathological form.
Category: Physics of Biology

[1] viXra:1305.0051 [pdf] submitted on 2013-05-08 20:05:19

On Some Problems in a Very Basic Hosting Model in Biophysics

Authors: P. Demchenko, T. Demchenko
Comments: Pages.

Abstract. - In many biological disciplines dealing with cell structures, kinetics of enzymes or thermal adaptation, water is often implicitly treated as a stage, where all important actions are performed, but with its only passive involvement. This is not declarative but de facto view and is for sure a result of a continued specialization. Nevertheless, when one plank of the stage is bent and dancers' heels often get stuck in this place, is it any wonder that the dance looks bizarre and at times enigmatic? The paper tries to explain some reasons for this enigma, some evidences of which are also given. The feature of water itself, one more abiotic factor is taken into consideration, providing a new explanation of many known facts. The paper examines the contribution of this water's characteristic to some details of enzymes kinetics and thermal adaptation.
Category: Physics of Biology