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A New Force with Characteristics of Nuclear Force and Both Attractive and Repulsive Components

Authors: Kunwar Jagdish Narain
Comments: 17 Pages. 3 Figures

Because all electrons, nucleons, and other particles undergo a persistent spin motion without having any source of infinite energy, they should have a unique structure that keeps them persistently spinning and provides all the properties that they display. In addition, there should be some reason or purpose why they show a persistent spin motion, because, in nature, nothing occurs without a reason or purpose. Therefore, the unique structures of electrons, and nucleons, and purpose why they possess persistent spin motion have been determined. The results of these determinations provide the knowledge of a new force possessing characteristics of nuclear force and both attractive and repulsive components, and very clear and complete explanation of: 1) all the phenomena; 2) all the properties and effects of their systems; and 3) structures of their systems, e.g., deuterons, alpha particles, and nuclei; those are generated due to these particles. In the present study, the mentioned above new force has been determined. The attractive component of this force provides very clear and complete explanations of how: 1) electrons, protons, and so forth are bound together in their respective beams despite similar charges on them; 2) the energy of free electrons of the substances is reduced when the substances acquire superconducting state; 3) neutrons become stable and nucleons are bound together in deuterons, alpha particles, and nuclei. The repulsive component provides explanation of how alpha and beta particles are emitted from nuclei when the nuclei become radioactive. Further, the above force gives rise to a potential of unique, super soft core nature.
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics

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Gravitational Atomic Synthesis at Room Temperature

Authors: Fran De Aquino
Comments: 8 Pages.

It is described a process for creating new atoms starting from pre-existing atoms. We show that all the elements of the periodic table can be synthesized, at room temperature, by a gravitational process based on the intensification of the gravitational interaction by means of electromagnetic fields.
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics

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Vacuum, Space-Time, Matter and the Models of Smarandache Geometry ( 真空、时空、物质和Smarandache几何模型 ), English-Chinese Edition,

Authors: Hu Chang-Wei
Comments: 260 Pages.

The vacuum is not void, in which there is infinite mysteries. The matter in vacuum state is called the ether, whose macroscopic effects, microscopic representation and cosmoscopic interaction are researched and discussed, is like the unmatter or unparticles called by Prof. Smarandache. In the absolute space-time theory, the ether is a compressible superfluid, a point of maximal value of its density is the mass center of an object. A change in the ether density causes a change in the actual space-time standard, and thus leads up to quantitative effects which include the effects of relativity and quantum etc.. The theory of relativity is a quantitative theory with light as the measure of space-time, where the distribution of ether is always homogeneous and isotropic everywhere, which is just so-called Lorentz symmetry, it is only a practicable mathematical model, and is not applicable to faster than light velocity. The gravitational field is a ether density wave-packet, whose interaction is not infinite. The cosmoscopic interaction of ether will surpass gravitational interaction and is about its ten times in cosmoscopic system of galaxies and galaxy clusters, so that describing cosmos can not use only the gravitational field equation. The methodology and related concepts proposed by Prof. Smarandache are applied, and Smarandache geometry models of relativity, macro-physics, interval field ether theory and infinite order and hierarchical cosmology are described in this book. 真空不空,奥妙无穷。真空态物质被称为以太,它好比Smarandache教授所说的Unmatter 或Unparticles。对以太的宏观效应,微观表现和宇观作用进行了探讨。在绝对时空观中,以太是可压缩的超流体,它的密度的极大值点是实物的质心。以太密度的变化,会引起现实的时空标准的变化,从而导致了定量效应,这包括相对论性效应和量子效应等等。相对论是以光作为时空衡量标准的一种定量描述理论,在这里,以太的分布永远是处处均匀,各向一致的,这就是所谓的洛伦兹对称性,它只是一种可行的数学模型,对超光速是无效的。引力场是以太密度波包,它的作用不是无限的。在星系、星系团的世界里,以太的宇观作用,将超过并达到引力作用的10倍左右。因此,不能只用引力场方程来描述宇宙。书中运用了Smarandache教授提出的方法论和有关概念,描绘了相对论、宏观物理学、区间场以太论和无穷阶等级式宇宙学的Smarandache几何模型。
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics

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Gravitational Separator of Isotopes

Authors: Fran De Aquino
Comments: 12 Pages.

In this work we show a gravitational separator of isotopes which can be much more effective than those used in the conventional processes of isotopes separation. It is based on intensification of the gravitational acceleration, and can generate accelerations tens of times more intense than those generated in the most powerful centrifuges used for Uranium enrichment.
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics