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Three Magnetic Dipoles Provide a Physically Realistic Simulation of the Repulsive-Attractive Nature of the Strong Force and of the Cabibbo Angle

Authors: Vladimir F. Tamari
Comments: 10 Pages. Appendix III was added to the original paper in January 2016

The Strong Force is unique in that it changes from repulsive to attractive as the distance between two quarks increases, and rapidly approaches a steady level thereafter. Unlike the inverse square law related to the surface area of a sphere, there is as yet no simple physical explanation for this phenomenon. It is demonstrated that the inductive forces between three magnetic dipoles symmetrically arrayed and tilted around a circle, will result in a repulsive force acting radially on any one one of them at close proximity, that changes to an attractive force with increase of distance. The forces are most like the Strong Force when the tilt is at around 13°, remarkably similar to the Cabibbo Angle relating the Strong and Weak reactions. These results encourage development of Tamari's Beautiful Universe (BU) model of a universal lattice entirely made up of magnetic dipoles.
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics