Nuclear and Atomic Physics

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[1] viXra:1003.0039 [pdf] submitted on 6 Mar 2010

Unmatter Entities Inside Nuclei, Predicted by the Brightsen Nucleon Cluster Model

Authors: Florentin Smarandache, Dmitri Rabounski
Comments: 5 pages

Applying the R. A. Brightsen Nucleon Cluster Model of the atomic nucleus we discuss how unmatter entities (the conjugations of matter and antimatter) may be formed as clusters inside a nucleus. The model supports a hypothesis that antimatter nucleon clusters are present as a parton (sensu Feynman) superposition within the spatial confinement of the proton (1H1), the neutron, and the deuteron (1H2). If model predictions can be confirmed both mathematically and experimentally, a new physics is suggested. A proposed experiment is connected to othopositronium annihilation anomalies, which, being related to one of known unmatter entity, orthopositronium (built on electron and positron), opens a way to expand the Standard Model.
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics