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[2] viXra:1812.0477 [pdf] submitted on 2018-12-31 05:16:06

Cases with Middle Nasal Turbinate Honey and Nasal Smell Critical Disease Being Overlooked, "Nasal Discharge Secretion Syndrome"

Authors: Toshiro Takami
Comments: 9 Pages.

Having middle turbinate pneumatization, I experienced a case to give off a nose smell. Paranasal sinus mycosis was denied than an examination for psychiatry introduction consultation as the self-smell fear than otolaryngology, but there was relatively strongly surely a nose smell. The treatment in dentistry was assigned enough. "I was troubled with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) from the elementary school lower grades very much and suffered from the mucus which came out during classful very much. It totally disappeared to suffer from a runny nose coming out during class from the second grade at a high school, but this time says, I seemed to give off a nose smell. " The article that described a middle turbinate pneumatization and the association of the nose smell was not found include foreign countries and reports it here.
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[1] viXra:1812.0196 [pdf] submitted on 2018-12-12 04:16:13

Unlock Neuron's Secrets

Authors: George Rajna
Comments: 55 Pages.

A team of researchers at the Laboratory for fundamental BioPhotonics (LBP) within EPFL's School of Engineering (STI) has come up with a way to monitor changes in membrane potential and to observe ion fluxes by studying the behavior of the water molecules surrounding the membranes of the neurons. [35] One recent measure to improve the visualization of the brain has been to create more comprehensive brain models that simulate neural activity. [34] Brain-machine interfaces provide one way to connect with this puzzling organ system, including the brain. [33] Measuring optical blood flow in the resting human brain to detect spontaneous activity has for the first time been demonstrated by Wright State University imaging researchers, holding out promise for a better way to study people with autism, Alzheimer's and depression. [32] UCLA biologists report they have transferred a memory from one marine snail to another, creating an artificial memory, by injecting RNA from one to another. [31] Scientists at the Wellcome Trust/ Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, have identified a new type of stem cell in the brain which they say has a high potential for repair following brain injury or disease. [30] A team of researchers working at the Weizmann Institute of Science has found that organoids can be used to better understand how the human brain wrinkles as it develops. [29] A team of biologists has found an unexpected source for the brain's development, a finding that offers new insights into the building of the nervous system. [28] Researchers discover both the structure of specific brain areas and memory are linked to genetic activity that also play important roles in immune system function. [27] The inner workings of the human brain have always been a subject of great interest. Unfortunately, it is fairly difficult to view brain structures or intricate tissues due to the fact that the skull is not transparent by design. [26] But now there is a technology that enables us to "read the mind" with growing accuracy: functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). [25]
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