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Meditation Aids Psychiatric Disorder Management and Enhance Adaptive Immunity Via up-Regulating Parasympathetic Tone

Authors: Wan-chung Hu
Comments: 7 Pages.

Meditation is a common practice in certain religions. Non religion meditation practice is now more and more popular. Meditation can provide a stress relief method via relaxation reaction. It can enhance parasympathetic tone and suppress sympathetic tone. Sympathetic nerve system is a fear-and-fight stress machinery accompanying steroid secretion. Majority of anxiety and depression patients are found hypersecretion of glucocorticoid with enhancing stress response. Meditation can lower cortisol, up-regulate dorpamine/serotonine/oxytocin/endorphin to reduce stress reaction. In addition, parasympathetic system enhances adaptive immunity and suppresses innate immunity; sympathetic system enhances innate immunity and suppresses adaptive immunity. Thus, meditation can help us to booster host adaptive immunity to cope with infections. Thus, mediation can be useful for managing psychiatric disorders as well as enhancing host immunity.
Category: Mind Science

[3] viXra:1405.0247 [pdf] submitted on 2014-05-15 06:33:26

The Cerebellum as a Neural Peak Limiter

Authors: Charles L. Chandler
Comments: 4 Pages.

The cerebellum is shown to be functioning as a peak limiter, which smooths out spikes in the signals received from the primary motor cortex (and other structures in the brain).
Category: Mind Science

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The Past Physics and a Future Sociology Revolutions

Authors: Emanuel Gluskin
Comments: 3 Pages. An important challenge that the sociology has to face is pointed out.

It is explained that sociology has to be drastically changed, in order to face the important problem of the growing dictatorship of intellect which will inevitable lead to intense societal stresses. It becomes more and more difficult for simple people, -- i.e. those who have the noble vocation to preserve, just by their simplicity, the healthy nature of the human, -- to live with a clear mind and be thus respected. The concepts of sociological research should be properly extended, becoming more "outdoor" and more "fighting". The sociology as a whole will (should) become a very important field of modern human thought.
Category: Mind Science

[1] viXra:1405.0007 [pdf] submitted on 2014-05-01 19:41:48

Is Mind-Reading Real or Fake Phenomenon?

Authors: Victor Christianto
Comments: 4 Pages. This article has not been submitted yet to any journal. Comments are welcome.

According to an experiment led by Stanford neuroscientist, Josef Parvizi, one can see what others think, at least under special conditions. See http://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2013/10/15/mind-reading-in-real-life-study-shows-it-can-be-done-but-theyll-have-to-catch-you-first/ Such a mind reading phenomenon has been debated for a long time, where some people believe in mind reading possibility while others think that it is a fake phenomenon. Some physicists believe that mind reading can be related to biological effect of quantum reality.
Category: Mind Science