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How We Seem to Perceive and Interact with the World

Authors: Hasmukh K. Tank
Comments: single page paper

Our brain is actually able to perceive only the internal subjective world. This subjective world can be compared with a radar screen in a sub marine. The pilot does not know, what is actually there outside, in the sea, he is able to see only the radar screen. There is not much difference between what we see in waking state and in the dream state. To understand how we interact with the world; try the following: On a table, place an apple such that you can see it in a mirror. Then try to see your hand also in the mirror. Then try to bring the image of your hand close to the image of the apple; and try such that image your hand catches the image of the apple. As soon as the image of the hand is able to catch image of the apple, you will feel a sensation of touch, telling that the apple is caught! Thus we actually perceive only the internal subjective world; and based on multiple inputs of vision, sound, touch, ..etc we are able to interact with the external world. Colors, smells, tastes etc all are subjective experiences. What we perceive as different colors are actually different frequencies of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies; there are no colors in them. Similar is the case with sounds, tastes, smells etc.
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