History and Philosophy of Physics

1904 Submissions

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Ropes Waves in Space

Authors: Adham Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed
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shake a rope in space and notice how it produces no heat because there are no particles in space to produce sound waves
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Zenon Manifold

Authors: D. Chakalov
Comments: 2 Pages.

Ensuing from first principles, I suggest pre-geometric theory of spacetime, in which the apex of light cone ‘here and now’ is not modeled with dimensionless point, but with non-trivial mathematical object along null intervals, endowed with brand new structure, topology and dynamics, and defined on so-called Zenon manifold.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Do not make laugh Lord God ... and Einstein

Authors: Fursa E.Ja.
Comments: 34 Pages. new reference added

There are three Great Principles at the foundation of Creation: Causality, Temporality and Reasonableness. The unity of the evolutionary movement of the World at all levels of its organization ensures the principle of causality; the direction of movement (from the past to the future) - the passage of time - the principle of temporality; orderliness - the principle of “pre-established harmony” (Leibniz), otherwise, the principle of reasonableness.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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The Toxic Scientists

Authors: Adrian Ferent
Comments: 334 Pages. © 2014 Adrian Ferent

“If you can not put your name on an equation you are not a scientist” Adrian Ferent “The toxic scientists are those who work, publish, promote… wrong theories” Adrian Ferent “In mankind history few scientists were right, the majority were wrong about their theories” Adrian Ferent “Today like yesterday a lot of scientists in packs work on wrong theories” Adrian Ferent The most difficult theory is Gravitation. “Working at Planck scale on Quantum gravity is not easy, that is why a lot of scientists in packs work on wrong Gravitation theories” Adrian Ferent “The packs of scientists are toxic for science when they promote wrong theories, because they block the right theories at universities, in peer-reviewed journals, in media…” Adrian Ferent Copernicus against toxic scientists confirmed that the Earth revolved around in the Sun. Ludwig Boltzmann was ‘killed’ by toxic scientists. “Scientists who worked on wrong Gravitation theory must do something else; they are like engineers who worked on wrong aircraft, like managers who destroy companies, like toxic leaders who destroy countries” Adrian Ferent “Scientists who are not capable to work with Planck units, they can work with atoms in chemistry, medicine, biology, technology, they can work in mathematics to build wrong models, they can work in economics, they can work in AI…” Adrian Ferent For example: In Ferent Quantum Gravity theory axions do not exist. Dark matter experiment finds no evidence of axions. Scientists in peer-reviewed journals published a lot of wrong articles about axions. 10 of my discoveries: 1. I unified Matter, Dark Matter with an equation 2. I unified Matter, Dark Matter and Spiritual Matter with the Universe equations 3. I discovered the first Transdisciplinarity equation, the Soul equation 4. I am the first who discovered that the Gravitons and the Dark Photons are faster than light; the Gravitational waves are Gravitons 5. I discovered a new Gravitation theory based on Gravitons, which breaks the wall of Planck scale; I am the first who quantized the Gravitational Field. 6. I am the first who unified Electromagnetism and Gravity with Ferent equation for the energy of a photon E = h × f + a × f. Ferent equation for photon – graviton interaction: E = h × f + a × f - a × ν 7. I discovered Ferent equation for elementary particles; Standard model is wrong, do not explain Gravitation and heavier elementary particles have more Dark Matter. 8. I discovered a new Evolution theory based on consciousness evolution. 9. I am the first who discovered that Gravitons with highest energy are emitted by Black Holes, they change Matter in Dark Matter inside the Black Holes; this explains the lack of extraterrestrial civilizations in the center of our galaxy. 10. I am the first who calculated the mass and the energy of a Black Hole. A Black Hole attracts with greater force a planet, than the planet attracts the Black Hole. “For scientists Spiritual Matter doesn’t exist; they do not understand Dark Matter” Adrian Ferent “The majority of scientists live inside packs, teams and they discover wrong things in science” Adrian Ferent “A new Gravitation theory is not accepted at conferences, only the old wrong theories” Adrian Ferent “For scientists Dark Matter and Gravitation are very difficult topics; for scientists Spiritual Matter is an impossible topic” Adrian Ferent “The professors are not accountable for the wrong theories at universities, because the students do not ask the money back for wrong theories” Adrian Ferent “The majority of scientists want money doing nothing, like government money at CERN” Adrian Ferent You learned that Dark Matter is ‘invisible’, is ‘transparent’! In Ferent Quantum Gravity Dark Matter is not ‘invisible’, is not ‘transparent’. Einstein did not understand Gravitation, that is why String theory, LQG… are wrong theories. About these theories there are a lot of books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, courses at universities… “Einstein bent the space, Ferent unbent the space” Adrian Ferent “Newton and Einstein did not understand Gravitation, they calculated Gravitation” Adrian Ferent LIGO: “Einstein’s gravitational waves do not exist, how they can detect them?” Adrian Ferent Hawking did not understand Gravitation, Black Holes, Dark Matter and God! The equation on his gravestone is wrong. “Hawking radiation doesn’t exist” Adrian Ferent “Dark Matter, Black Holes do not have temperature” Adrian Ferent “In Ferent Quantum Gravity at Event horizon there are Gravitons; Virtual particles do not exist” Adrian Ferent The scientists do not understand how the Sun was formed! You learned from your professors, from your books, from the greatest scientists…that formation of the Sun was triggered by shockwaves from one or more nearby supernovae, or by waves of energy traveling through space pressed clouds of such particles closer together! “In Ferent Quantum Gravity the gravitational field created by Dark Matter collapsed the gas and dust within a region and the Sun was formed.” Adrian Ferent “What you learned from your professors, from peer-reviewed journals, from your books, from the greatest scientists about Gravitation, Black Holes, Dark Matter… is wrong” Adrian Ferent "The value of your brain is given by your discoveries" Adrian Ferent “It is important what you discovered not what you memorized” Adrian Ferent “The Ego is the missing consciousness” Adrian Ferent “The Wise was born wise” Adrian Ferent
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Authors: Adham Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed
Comments: 1 Page. ty

Category: History and Philosophy of Physics