History and Philosophy of Physics

1807 Submissions

[6] viXra:1807.0310 [pdf] submitted on 2018-07-17 04:53:25

Another Reactionary Philosophy \\\\\\ Ещё одна реакционная философия

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 14 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov <©> Another Reactionary Philosophy July 17, 2018

In our present reality, in the conditions of bourgeois "democracy, freedom," and bourgeois permissiveness, like mushrooms after the rain, reactionary philosophies one after another are born. This article is devoted to exposing one such philosophy, idealistic in orientation, bourgeois in its basis. +++++++++++++++++++ В нашей сегодняшней реальности, в условиях буржуазной «демократии, свободы» и буржуазной вседозволенности, как грибы после дождя, рождаются одна за другой реакционные философии. Настоящая статья посвящена разоблачению одной такой философии идеалистической по направленности, буржуазной в своей основе.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[5] viXra:1807.0160 [pdf] submitted on 2018-07-09 03:12:38

Delusion or Wickedness \\\\\ Заблуждение или лукавство?

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 14 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov <©> Delusion or Wickedness July 9, 2018

The other day on the physical forum on the Internet (Runet) on the site sciteclirary.ru in the section "Alternative Physics" I started the topic "Master class of Yusupov Robert" [1] (http://www.sciteclibrary.ru/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1531012809), dedicated to solving the problem of searching for natural units of nature: length, mass and time. I posed the questions: "Do natural units of length, mass, and time exist in nature? If they exist, then how they are presented in NATURE? What are their real values in SI units?” +++++++++++++++++++++ Намедни на физическом форуме в сети рунет на сайте sciteclirary в разделе «Альтернативная физика» завёл я тему «Мастер-класс Юсупова Роберта» [1], посвящённую решению проблемы поиска натуральных единиц природы: длины, массы и времени. Я ставил вопрос: «Существуют ли в природе натуральные единицы длины, массы, времени. Если они существуют, тогда, каким образом они представлены в ПРИРОДЕ? Каковы их реальные значения в единицах СИ?»
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[4] viXra:1807.0151 [pdf] submitted on 2018-07-07 08:44:14

Illogic: a Feasible Method of Understanding Theory of Everything

Authors: Yang Chen
Comments: 24 Pages.

Theory of everything (TOE) is known as the ultimate theory of physics. However, there is no efficient method which can help understand the TOE. In this work, by introducing the concept of illogic, the TOE can be achieved beyond the scope of logic with an implied form. Firstly, concepts of step, chain and network are introduced. Logic, semi-logic and illogic are discussed with these concepts. The method of understanding illogic is listed as a process gradually changing from logic, semi-logic to illogic by building and updating the network. Secondly, the relation of illogic and the TOE is discussed in both an easy-understanding form and an improved version. Thus a feasible method to the TOE is framed up by combining the illogic and its relation to the TOE. After the general method is shown, examples of steps, chains and a network are discussed to offer detail instructions on how to build a network. As the network aims to help understand illogic, the intrinsic confliction between logical words which are used to write this work and the purpose of understanding illogic is inevitable. At last, logical conflictions in this paper are discussed to illustrate this effect and offer further information to help the reader understand this paper. Descriptions in different levels are included to reveal the way of organizing this paper as well as to further illustrate the basic requirement of understanding illogic.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[3] viXra:1807.0110 [pdf] submitted on 2018-07-04 11:37:27

Hints (Russian Version)

Authors: V.A.Kasimov
Comments: 60 Pages. in Russian

Interpretation of some myths from the physical point of view.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[2] viXra:1807.0029 [pdf] replaced on 2018-07-06 23:33:05

Musique et Science

Authors: F. M. Sanchez
Comments: 6 Pages. in french

The characteristic musical numbers are tied to the natural base e, the Eddington's electrical constant 137 and the real value 137.036... The associated large numbers connect with the properties of the Grandcosmos and of the visible Universe. The 26 sporadic groups are implied, connecting the four forces. This means that Physics is arithmetics and that Intelligent Life is universal.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[1] viXra:1807.0025 [pdf] submitted on 2018-07-01 01:40:34

In the Search for the Minimal Time Interval of Nature\ \\\\ В поиске минимального интервала времени природы

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 10 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov <©> Minimal Time Interval of Nature 1 July, 2018

В настоящей статье представлены авторские рассуждения и мысленные эксперименты, которые приводят нас к пониманию существования в природе минимального количества материи и минимального интервала времени. ++++++++++++++++++ In this article, we present author's reasoning and thought experiments that lead us to an understanding of the existence in nature of a minimal amount of matter and a minimal time interval.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics