History and Philosophy of Physics

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[4] viXra:1506.0193 [pdf] submitted on 2015-06-27 11:12:51

Electrodynamics on the Threshold of the Fourth Stage of Its Development

Authors: Zafar Turakulov
Comments: 15 Pages.

Development of electrodynamics during last one and half a century is discussed and it is shown that every half a century its contents changes drastically. In fact, during each of the three past stages three distinct doctrines were reigning in the field, which can safely be visioned as three different theories. Each of these three theories is critically analyzed and it is shown that the third stage is over and electrodynamics has reached the threshold of the fourth stage of its development.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[3] viXra:1506.0124 [pdf] submitted on 2015-06-16 04:56:35

Protogeometer: Falling Into Future

Authors: Vladimir I. Rogozhin
Comments: Pages. FQXi Essay Contest entry 2014

Universe silence... Why? TechnoSfera... Where does it move? BioSfera... Where is the non-return point? NooSfera... What to do? The deep mind looks for primordial senses of the LifeWorld. Сonsciousness, matter, memory... Self-Consciousness... Сonsciousness is attracting senses vector magnitude, intentional effect of absolute complexity. The Vector of Сonsciousness - the Triune Vector of absolute forms of existence of matter (limit states), the Vector of the Absolute Existential Field of the Universe, a polyvalent sense phenomenon of Ontological (structural, cosmic) Memory. Open Сonsciousness Vs. Closed Сonsciousness. Сonceptual and mathematical proto-Eidoses of the Absolute forms of existence of matter. On the basis of ontological and existential constracting method – method of a discretion and a reflection of existential repère-point, the Vector of Сonsciousness places milestones on ProtoGeometre's long way – the way of knowledge of good and evil, of rises and fallings, of births of absolutely another, from the point Alpha to the modern point of ultimate tension of the Absolute Existential Field of the Universe. Big waves of Consciousness. Existential risks of Humanity and Open Science. New Open Generation realizing all existential risks of Humanity passable way and risks of coming Information era creates the Self-Aware Universe, filling it with the most deep meanings of the LifeWorld, at the heart of which Axiom of an absolute freedom of choice is laid. The minimum Program to overcome existential risks. Great Integrative Paradigm. Creation of a common sense picture of the World for physicists and lyricist. The United Humanity raises up five Great Philosophers' Stones in memory of Protogeometre's rises and fallings on a long way of becoming of Humanity and frees the Horse. Humanity is on a threshold of an Era of Eonic thinking... I start the path...
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[2] viXra:1506.0123 [pdf] submitted on 2015-06-16 05:13:50

The Formula of Justice: The OntoTopological Basis of Physica and Mathematica*

Authors: Vladimir I. Rogozhin
Comments: 10 Pages. FQXi Essay Contest entry 2015

Dialectica: Mathematica and Physica, Truth and Justice. Mathematica as the Constructive Metaphysica and Ontology. Mathematica as the constructive existential method. Сonsciousness and Mathematica: Dialectica of "eidos" and "logos". Mathematica - the Total Dialectica. The basic maternal Structure - "La Structure mère". Mathematica and Physica: Loss of existential certainty. Is effectiveness of Mathematica "unreasonable"? The ontological structure of space. Axiomatization of the ontological basis of knowledge: one axiom, one principle and one mathematical object. The main ideas and concepts of the ontological construction "Point with a vector germ" and "heavenly triangle". "Ordo geometricus" and "Ordo onto-topological". Architecture of the onto-topological basis of knowledge: general framework structure, carcass and foundation. The absolute space and the absolute field. The absolute (natural) system of coordinates of Universum. Eidos of "idea of ideas", the symbol and the "Formula of Justice".
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[1] viXra:1506.0034 [pdf] submitted on 2015-06-04 22:13:29

Stress in Vedic Nuclear Physics

Authors: John Frederick Sweeney
Comments: 20 Pages.

Incorrect comprehension of the Scientific Sanskrit term Duk:ha (stress) has led humanity to incorrectly grasp ancient Vedic Science. Even Gautama Buddha apparently failed to understand this term, and so based his religion on this misunderstanding, which is the philosophical foundation for the Four Noble Truths and the Middle Way. This paper corrects the error, based on Scientific Sanskrit and Vedic Nuclear Physics.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics