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Science Without Inductivism

Authors: Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
Comments: 6 Pages.

The paper aims to expound on the issue of science being different from non science or prescience in the form of the scientific methodology used. Popper’s method of falsifiability ensures the aim of science to be successful. The aim of science which also needs a critical attitude, can enable scientific progress by rejecting inductivism as its scientific methodology. Popper’s view on what the aim of science is and why and how inductivism fails in the case of science, along with examples from history of science besides its impact on philosophical foundations of science, has been stressed in the paper.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Infinity, Spacetimes and the Origin of Nature

Authors: Sylwester Kornowski
Comments: 10 Pages.

Most fruitful method to formulate a perfect theory should start from induction and via deduction lead to reduction if necessary. To eliminate the dichotomy of infinity i.e. the infinity understood as both a simple continuum without any boundaries or the ever-increasing sequence, we must introduce pieces of space. Infinity as a number has no sense and leads to incoherent theories. Applied mathematics should be defined as mathematical methods starting from pieces of space placed in the infinite nothingness. Since in such theory, information is not lost so such theory is mathematically coherent, simple and reversible. There do not appear physical singularities and infinities. Our cosmos, and many others, appeared due to inelastic collision of two or more very big pieces of space composed of smaller pieces. Only granular/discrete and kinetic geometry can be the foundations of coherent description of Nature. Here are formulated the fundamental axioms as the foundations of ontology. Entanglement of the Einstein-spacetime components leads to both psychology and particle physics. Due to the very different properties of fields associated with Gravity and Standard-Model/Quantum-Physics, unification of these two basic theories within the same methods is impossible.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics