0702 Submissions

[1] viXra:0702.0028 [pdf] submitted on 25 Feb 2007

Long-term Temporal Regularity of Great Earthquakes (M≥8) in North China and in West America

Authors: Guo Zeng-jian, Han Yan-ben, Guo An-ning, Chen I-wan
Comments: recovered from

Using the temporal triplet distribution with certain periodicity to fit the real temporal distribution of great earthquakes (EQs) (M≥8) in North China and in West America respectively, we found the fitness is rather good. It is therefore possible to use the fitness as reference for the prediction of future great EQs (M≥8) in these two regions. The temporal triplet distribution refers to the temporal series consisting of the periodicity, the multiplied periodicity and the golden section of such periodicities. Key words: North China, West America, great earthquakes (M≥8), temporal regularity.
Category: Geophysics