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Libreflix: the Collaborative Culture Audiovisual on a Streaming Platform

Authors: Jamerson dos Santos Farias Soares
Comments: 18 Pages.

This article is the result of an analytical study on the video streaming platform: Libreflix. A digital platform based on freedom of expression, free screening of films and series, sharing of independent audiovisual productions and productions that help in critical thinking. We researched and analyzed the interface of the platform, it show the interaction between her and the public occurs, and its importance for the diffusion of film products for those who do not have many financial conditions. In conceptualization and association Ideas were consulted articles, books, reports and opinions of scholars in the area. There was also Free Culture research, the Free Software movement, the role of Web 3.0 in consumer Data Science, the Culture of Convergence, Collective, Collaborative and participatory. The purpose of this paper is to understand and investigate the assumptions of Libreflix thatway this format makes art and culture available to the community, its etymology, as everything began, which concepts were used for the idealization and creation of the platform. Also, as procedures for selection and dissemination of copyright productions are given, and what are the differences between Libreflix and the current major movie and series production company, Netflix. The analysis is developed from site visits, platform Android app, conversations with the creator of the free service, comparing other sites that agree with the idea of ​​the platform, such as also tabulating data on how many accounts have already been created and what type of audience houses theirown footage on the site.
Category: Education and Didactics