Condensed Matter

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[1] viXra:1101.0100 [pdf] submitted on 31 Jan 2011

Chemical Potential of Equilibrium Electromagnetic Radiation and the Means for Electromagnetic Waves to Propagate in Free Space

Authors: S.V.Akimenko, V.V.Demjanov
Comments: 3 pages.

The article shows that in case if the photon is viewed as a particle moving in empty space the zero value of chemical potential of equilibrium electromagnetic radiation cannot be explained basing only on first principles of statistical physics. On the contrary, to explain the chemical potential of equilibrium electromagnetic radiation being equal to zero is rather simple if the photon is considered as a quasi-particle that is the way to describe collective motion of a system consisting of particles whose number is a fixed value. Collective motions of the particles of mentioned system are interpreted in the article as oscillations of an electromagnetic eld that corresponds to observation data of modern astronomy, according to which the space, that fills the gaps, both between massive objects and between massive particles forming them, should be attributed to characteristics of a continuous medium.
Category: Condensed Matter