Combinatorics and Graph Theory

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[1] viXra:1510.0404 [pdf] submitted on 2015-10-27 03:05:17

Testing 4-Critical Plane and Projective Plane Multiwheels Using Mathematica

Authors: Dainis Zeps
Comments: 16 Pages. The article is a Mathematica notebook

In this article we explore 4-critical graphs using Mathematica. We generate graph patterns according [1]. Using the base graph, minimal planar multiwheel and in the same time minimal according projective pattern built multiwheel, we build minimal multiwheels according [1], We forward two conjectures according graphs augmented according considered patterns and their 4-criticallity, and argue them to be proved here if the paradigmatic examples of this article are accepted to be parts of proofs.
Category: Combinatorics and Graph Theory