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[1] viXra:1806.0376 [pdf] submitted on 2018-06-26 04:37:47

Response to Judge Alsup’s Question Number 2: “What's the Molecular Reason that Co2 is a Greenhouse Gas, Unlike Oxygen and Nitrogen?”

Authors: Blair D. Macdonald
Comments: 116 Pages.

In this study the role of thermoelectrics and neglect of Raman Lasers to determine the infrared atmosphere was investigated; particularly, whether Nitrogen and Oxygen radiate. That these gases do not absorb or emit infrared radiation’ presents a paradox; it contradicts both quantum mechanics and thermodynamics – where all matter above absolute 0 0Kelvin radiates IR photons. It was hypothesised current greenhouse theory has misinterpreted the special ‘Tyndall’ greenhouse gases (CO2 etc.), for the thermoelectric gases as they and their ‘modes’ are only detected by thermoelectric transducers. These (said) molecules do however possess quantum predicted emission spectra, both well within the IR range of the EMS – at 2338cm-1 and 1556cm-1 respectively – and are only observed – and their temperatures accurately measured – by Raman Spectrometers, ‘IR spectrometers’ complement instrument. A report using a Raman spectrometer to measure jet engine outlet temperatures and gas concentrations was referred to and the following conclusions made: 1) all Raman modes (the non-GHGs) are temperature/radiation equivalent to ‘IR- active modes with respect to – and complying with – the Boltzmann and Planck’s constant, and quantum spectroscopy theory; 2) in support, H2O’s 3659cm-1 mode is both TE-IR and Raman equivalent – supporting the ‘equipartition’ principle; and CO2’s temperature can be measured by both instruments independently through its shared modes; 3) the special (1%) greenhouse gases, discovered by Tyndall in ca. 1859, are really the thermoelectric gases, detected only by receiving (non-radiating) thermo-electric transducers; 4) ‘IR’ spectroscopy is also based on these thermoelectric transducers, and as a consequence ‘IR’ spectrographs show only the spectra modes with electric dipoles and not Raman; 5) N2 , when radiated at it’s 2338cm-1 mode, is ‘long lasting’ - metastable and is essential to the operation of a CO2 Laser. From this mechanism it was concluded – contrary to current greenhouse theory – atmospheric CO2 is heated by the same mechanism; 6) all the atmosphere absorbs heat directly from the Sun – just as with the oceanic euphotic layer; 7) and all Blackbody radiation theory, also determined from thermoelectrics alone, needs revision.
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