1010 Submissions

[2] viXra:1010.0056 [pdf] submitted on 27 Oct 2010

The Tetron Model as a Lattice Structure: Applications to Astrophysics

Authors: Bodo Lampe
Comments: 14 pages

The tetron model is reinterpreted as an inner symmetry lattice model where quarks, leptons and gauge fields arise as lattice excitations. On this basis a modification of the standard Big Bang scenario is proposed, where the advent of a spacetime manifold is connected to the appearance of a permutation lattice. The metric tensor is constructed from lattice excitations and a possible reason for cosmic inflation is elucidated. Furthermore, there are natural dark matter candidates in the tetron model. The ratio of ordinary to dark matter in the universe is estimated to be 1:5.
Category: Astrophysics

[1] viXra:1010.0010 [pdf] submitted on 4 Oct 2010

Space's Nuclear Air-Conditioner

Authors: Ron Bourgoin
Comments: 2 pages

We established in a previous paper that an atom entering the extreme cold regions of space has to come to thermal equilibrium with its surroundings. It does this by ingesting its extranuclear electrons into the nucleus. At that point the nucleus evaporates. Since nuclei of atoms lower than iron on the periodic table released heat in the process of their formation, heat has to be absorbed when those nuclei disrupt. Thus the extreme cold of space is maintained by nuclear evaporation.
Category: Astrophysics