0910 Submissions

[2] viXra:0910.0043 [pdf] replaced on 28 Jul 2011

Pending Problems in Qsos

Authors: Martín López-Corredoira
Comments: 15 pages, version published in Int. J. Astr. Astrophys, 1, 73. (previously it had been accepted by Invertis J. Sci. Techn. for a special issue, but finally the edition of that special issue was cancelled)

Quasars (Quasi Stellar Objects, abbreviated as QSOs) are still nowadays, close to half a century after their discovery, objects which are not completely understood. In this brief review a description of the pending problems, inconsistencies and caveats in the QSO's research is presented. The standard paradigm model based on the existence of very massive black holes that are responsible for the QSO's huge luminosities, resulting from to their cosmological redshifts, leaves many facts without explanation. There are several observations which lack a clear explanation, for instance: the absence of bright QSOs at low redshifts, a mysterious evolution not properly understood; the inconsistencies of the absorption lines, such as the di erent structure of the clouds along the QSO's line of sight and their tangential directions; the spatial correlation between QSOs and galaxies; and many others.
Category: Astrophysics

[1] viXra:0910.0003 [pdf] replaced on 15 Nov 2009

Nobel Prize Laureates and Inexplicable Statistical Variations

Authors: James Gunasekera
Comments: all databases and the source code are included

Some inexplicable statistical variations in Nobel Prize laureates natal data are reported and discussed, with additional data examined afterwards. If observed on other similar data, the effect can be considered as astrobiological or astroanthropological. The observed strong correlation with Quaoar position is probably caused by the fact that Quaoar's cycle correlates with a non-trivial solar, lunar or terrestrial cycle. It is well known that some astronomical conditions influence human health, but the possibility of influence on long-term physiological and/or psychological characteristics since birth is still under question.
Category: Astrophysics