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[1] viXra:1104.0035 [pdf] submitted on 7 Apr 2011

The Archaeological Search for Tartessos-Tarshish-Atlantis and Other Human Settlements in the Donana National Park

Authors: Rainer W. Kühne
Comments: 5 pages.

Adolf Schulten suggested that Tartessos-Tarshish was the model for Plato's Atlantis. I argued that its capital was situated in what is now the Marisma de Hinojos within the central part of the Andalucian Donana National Park in south-west Spain. This article reports about the preliminary results of an archaeological expedition to test this theory. The preliminary results of the expedition include evidence of either a tsunami or a storm flood during the third millenium BC and evidence of human settlements from the Neolithic Age to the Middle Ages.
Category: Archaeology