High Energy Particle Physics


Time Divergence Model of Superposition

Authors: Arthur E Pletcher

TDMS explains the primary mysteries of quantum mechanics and cosmology, by proposing that time intervals vary between scales of great magnitude. In nanoscopic scales time diverges (expands), and in macroscopic scales time converges (contracts per distance squared). Time Divergence (TD) proposes that an observer will view a nanoscopic particle with an expanded range of time, from past to present, in his single moment, like a time-lapse. For example, an electron obital, viewed in a single moment represents a time interval from −∆t (past) to +∆t future. Unlike superposition, modulus states do progress in time from ground to excited. TD explains the orbital gaps as simply the portions of rotation that are outside of this time range. TD predicts that wave collapse occurs when the introduction of an intermediate apparatus (such as a detector), brings the observation (from source to effect) to essentially the same scale. TD offers an alternate explanation to the ”undetermined probability wavefunction Ψ”. Explanations, resolutions and insights gained: In nanoscales: * The cloud appearance of electron orbits * The gaps between electron orbits are very much predicted * The shapes of orbitals * Collapse, as well as duality * Why orbital density appears closest to nucleus * Progression of energy states * TDMS suggests that information about energy states and position can be gained from comparing observations at two separate points in time. In macroscales: * Accelerated expansion * Millisecond pulsars * Galaxy outer rim rotation mysteries * The nonuniform expansion of supernovae remnant clouds

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