High Energy Particle Physics


The Observed Higgs Boson as the Avatar Higgs Boson

Authors: Ding-Yu Chung

The observed Higgs boson at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is the Avatar Higgs boson as the dual SM (Standard Model) Higgs boson-forbidden lepton condensate. The SM Higgs boson is filled with the forbidden lepton condensate to become the Avatar Higgs boson. The forbidden lepton is outside of the SM three lepton families, so the single forbidden lepton cannot exist alone, and the forbidden lepton can exist only in the forbidden lepton condensate as the composite of forbidden lepton-antilepton. Unable to decay into the SM leptons and quarks, the forbidden lepton condensate decays into diphoton to account for the observed excess diphoton deviated from the Standard Model. Other decay modes of the Avatar Higgs boson follow the decay modes of the SM Higgs boson as observed. The calculated mass of the forbidden lepton condensate is 128.8 GeV in good agreements with the observed 125 or 126 GeV. The Higgs boson is the Goldstone boson in the Standard Model for the electroweak interaction. The transformation (spontaneous symmetry breaking) between massive particle and massless particle is through the massless scalar Goldstone boson. The addition of the Goldstone boson to a massless particle results in a massive particle. Near the beginning of our universe, the addition of the Goldstone boson converted some massless particles to massive particles to differentiate different forces and particles. During this process for the symmetry breaking in the electroweak force, the remnant of the Higgs boson acquired the mass of the forbidden lepton condensate to become the Avatar Higgs boson. In this paper, the space-object structures, cosmology, and the periodic table of elementary particles are described.

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