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Ontological-Phase Topological Field Theory

Authors: Richard L
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We thank Newton for inspiring strict adherence to hypotheses non-fingo, and claim reasonable a posteriori surety in positing the need for an Ontological-Phase Topological Field Theory (OPTFT) as the final step in describing the remaining requirements for bulk UQC. Let’s surmise with little doubt that a radical new theory needs to be correlated with the looming 3rd regime of Unified Field Mechanics (UFM). If the author knows one thing for sure, it is that gravity is not quantized! The physics community is so invested in quantizing the gravitational force that it could still be years away from this inevitable conclusion. There is still a serious conundrum to be dealt with however; discovery of the complex Manifold of Uncertainty (MOU), the associated ‘semi-quantum limit’ and the fact of a duality between Newton’s and Einstein’s gravity, may allow some sort of wave-particle-like duality with a quantal-like virtual graviton in the semi-quantum limit. Why mention the gravitational field? Relativistic information processing (RIP) introduces gravitational effects in the ‘parallel transport’ aspects of topological switching in branes. There are A and B type topological string theories, and a related Topological M-Theory with mirror symmetry, that are somewhat interesting especially since they allow sufficient dimensionality with Calabi-Yau mirror symmetric dual 3-tori perceived as essential elements for developing a UFM. But a distinction between these theories and the ontology of an energyless topological switching of information (Shannon related) through topological charge in brane dynamics, perhaps defined in a manner making correspondence to a higher dimensional (HD) de-Broglie-Bohm super-quantum potential synonymous with a 'Force of coherence' of the unified field is of interest. Thus the term 'OPTFT’ has been chosen to address this issue as best as the Zeitgeist is able to conceive at the time of writing…
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