Thermodynamics and Energy

1909 Submissions

[2] viXra:1909.0218 [pdf] submitted on 2019-09-11 05:16:47

Organic Solar Cell Design

Authors: George Rajna
Comments: 48 Pages.

Solar cells that use mixtures of organic molecules to absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity, that can be applied to curved surfaces such as the body of a car, could be a step closer thanks to a discovery that challenges conventional thinking about one of the key components of these devices. [31] "Experiments of hot dense plasma are challenging enough that we should not rule out the possibility of error," Nagayama said. "And the science impact is enormous—this obligates us to continue examining the experiment's validity." [30] The researchers extracted a 2-D material they call hematene from ordinary iron ore. The material is only three atoms thick and is thought to have enhanced photocatalytic properties. [29]
Category: Thermodynamics and Energy

[1] viXra:1909.0069 [pdf] replaced on 2019-09-10 16:06:03

Hurricane Suppression Using Salt

Authors: Alec Feinberg
Comments: 3 Pages.

This paper is a short overview of why adding salt to the eye of a hurricane might be an effective method for suppressing a hurricane by disrupting its electric field which is known to exist in hurricanes. A salt powder absorbed into the moist atmosphere would add a measure of ionic conductivity and could significantly reduce the electric and electromagnetic fields build-up which would change a hurricane’s pressure and ability to stay organized. There is a history of observed strong electric fields inside hurricanes, primarily in the eye. A hurricane’s electric field role is not well understood. We hypothesize some physics of how the electric field’s role can aid in reducing pressure; thus if fields can be discharged, pressure levels should then increase, weakening the hurricane. Considering the damage hurricanes create, and their increase threat due to global warming, rewards could overwhelm risks in a proper investigation of hurricane de-electrification.
Category: Thermodynamics and Energy