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1908 Submissions

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The Introduction of the Einstein Model of a Solid to Analytical Psychology.

Authors: Theodoros Aliferis
Comments: 8 Pages.

If we intend to bridge physics and psychology one of the shortest paths is through Thermodynamics and Analytical Psychology (AP). That is because in AP both the First and the Second Law of Thermodynamics, are well defined (Principle of Equivalence, Principle of Entropy). There are not too many thermodynamic models. As a result our choices are limited. The Einstein model of a Solid (ES) is a thermodynamic model with applications in thermodynamics, quantum statistics and solid state physics. I intend to show that the ES is a suitable model to bridge thermodynamics and theoretical AP. The approach I follow is an attempt to match the abstract entities of AP to those of the ES. I also attempt to prove that the conditions on which the ES is based, agree with AP. Finally I attempt to solve a crucial paradox met in theoretical AP, but not explained yet. The results of this paper could be summarized as follows: I prove that a match between the abstract entities of AP and those of the ES can be achieved. I prove that two of the conditions, on which the ES is based, are clearly met in AP. I meet no conflict between the rest of the conditions of the ES and the theory of AP. Finally I explain and solve the paradox. The Conclusions/Significance of this research is that I introduce algebraic expressions in AP. Additionally, I help both the practitioner and theorist of AP as any improved theory would. Keywords: Einstein solid, Analytical psychology, Entropy.
Category: Social Science

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The Cylon Wars: A Conceptual Resolution

Authors: Miguel A. Sanchez-Rey
Comments: 7 Pages.

Horrors of warfare and human conflict.
Category: Social Science